Tuesday, 30 December 2014

White Paint and Oak Top Bedside Cabinets

Welcome to what may be the last post of this amazing year!  There's been so many favourite stories, I'll have to do a January special - but meantime, here's some bedside cabinets I've been working on.

These are nearly finished, my client wants to fit their own handles and hasn't even bought them yet.  So many people ask about painting boring old pine... the fact is if you have good, solid pine furniture, you can really transform it.

Here's the 'before' pic.  I took the pic after a bit of sanding on the tops.  My client wanted these to be painted plain white (Autentico's Roman White) and the tops to be stained dark oak.  After a couple of coats, the top's sealed with a matt varnish and the chalk paint with clear wax. A great little job and it brings these cabinets right up to date :-)

Happy New Year planning!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Paris Grey painted chest of drawers

Actually, this is not JUST a chest of drawers story.  I've just finished refurbing a chest of drawers and a customer asked me to do the same finish on a chair and some small tables.

Here's the chest of drawers in the incarnation before... well made, but looking really quite dated from the 1980s.

 Oh my goodness, don't things looks so different in the sun?

I've painted everything all over in Foggy Venice chalk paint - which is a light 'Paris' grey.  That includes the handles, then I sealed and finished everything with white chalk wax.  The 'limed' finish has been a real favourite this year.

I gave this brown chair the same treatment...

Completely different design of legs - but the white chalk wax looks so great on any carved work.

There were some old brown tables that got the same finish - they're all going out of the workshop straight into a newly decorated room... would be nice to see them all at home together :-)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

1950s Sideboard Painted with Turquoise Chalk Paint

Maybe you'd walk past this super curvy sideboard before the refurb - it was really quite brown, but it was just screaming out for a new lease of life.

Here's the BEFORE story then...

Brown eh?  The walnut veneer is quite damaged in places and the handles - although they are really pretty just look lost.

And what a lovely surprise when you open the centre to find that glass cocktail bar!

Really pretty - just waiting for the Christmas Margherita :-)

I've used flash photography here, one of the problems at the moment is light.  It gets dark before 4pm and it is sooo cold and raining all the time.  The cabinet's been painted all over with a beautiful turquoise paint from Autentico's Vintage chalk paint range called Antique Turquoise.  It shows ups well in this pic.

The colour here looks almost a Duck Egg Blue, but the turquoise is a strong bright colour as in the pictures taken above.  All the handles have been refurbished with an antique gold.

The insides of the drawers and doors have been highlighted with gold.  The cupboard inside is shelved,  everything is in tip-top condition.  I've put new fabric in place to replace the old green baize in the top drawer.

Black chalk wax has been added to accentuate the shape and create a soft 'grain on the top.  The cabinet has so many wavy lines.  Finally the soft wax finish has been buffed up to a silky shine.

She really is a beauty...

Friday, 5 December 2014

Bedside Cabinet painted Duck Egg and Gold

This is a cute bedside cabinet from the 40s that's been given a new look.

Here's the before...

Lots of old brown - but I love the design on the drawer and those little curved feet are hidden away.

After cleaning and a bit of sanding to remove broken varnish, I painted all over with Autentico's Troubled Waters chalk paint - which is a Duck Egg Blue.  Then used clear wax and gold wax to highlight all the features.  Now the design is emphasised, it looks soooo different.  Very cute!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Cosmic Winter Break in London

Lucky me, I just had a lovely weekend in London! We stayed at a hotel in Westminster right next to Big Ben.

It's dark by 4pm now - half moon shining all night...

The South Bank was just full of people enjoying the Winter Wonderland festival.

Lots of things spinning...

So we we ate and drank at the food stalls... soaked up the party atmosphere.

Then Sunday was lovely and bright.  We walked along the river to the Globe Theatre.

Along the Embankment to Tower Bridge.

 ...and then up into the East End.

Where we hit foodie HEAVEN in all the street markets... oh we tried everything...

The East End was just so ALIVE!!!

Then we went on the Jack the Ripper Walk (info here).  Marching with our group all over Whitehall, stopping off and hearing the grisly details...

Brrr... stories that chill the soul... but just enough time to mention the Brick Lane Cocktail... f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!

Final day we'd decided to visit the Science Museum - fodder for brain matter!

From development of telegram communications...

... to those supercomputer-thingies...

used very early on to calculate the cost of death...

... and on to the interconnectedness of not just EVERYTHING on Earth - but the entire universe...

Before embarking our flying machine back to Glasgow...

We love London :-)  It turned out to be a COSMIC experience x