Thursday, 25 September 2014

White Chalk Paint - Get the Original Shabby-Chic Look

Leaves are falling gold and red... it feels like Autumn now.  As the days become less sunny, it's fun to grab the white chalk paint, find a special piece of furniture, paint it all over and then shabby it up...  Here's some pieces I've been working on the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, this small French chest of drawers.  What a gem, it's got everything girlie going on.  I've used Autentico's Roman White Chalk Paint and finished everything with clear wax to seal and protect.

I sometimes see standard lamps around, and jumped on this one when I saw it - I wanted to paint all that candy-twist detail.

So many of my customers come in asking about painting all their 1980s pine furniture.  Can I paint it?  YES YOU CAN!!   It was an orange pine bookcase, now available in white.

This 1980s lamp is like a chess piece, I haven't done any sanding, I just love the design.

And I often paint candlesticks, the white and chrome is so fresh...

What about a Plant Stand?  Well OK, you don't need to use it as a plant stand, in the bedroom, put your prized handbag or shoes on show :-)

Finally, I've painted a Rocking-Horse... keeping it simple!  I should put a luscious plant on her back...

Friday, 19 September 2014

Boho-Chic Chest of Drawers

Post-Referendum Blues here in Glasgow today... everyone seems tired and sombre.  Best time to be colourful and brighten things up I guess!!

Just look at this poor wee chest of drawers... really not much going on BUT it is quite old from the turn of last century.  The handles are really wonderful jazzy Deco and the drawers and sold oak in good condition.  So brown it's doooowwwnnnn....

OK - time for change! Here's what I did - after removing the hardware and cleaning up all the woodwork, I painted all over with an Antique Turquoise chalk paint.  Uplifting blues.

I stenciled the top with some white and cream cherry blossom (more chalk paint).

And went slightly bonkers with the gold wax.  Then I got some sandpaper and worked some of the paint and gold away to get an antiqued shabby look, letting the dark wood show through.  Finishing and sealing the turquoise surfaces with clear wax for a soft sheen.

Aren't these handles gorgeous?  I painted them with the same blue and added gold wax to bring out the design.

Now Boho-Chic - and would make a great little chest for a hallway.

Finally, I added some gold around the tops of the drawers.  All done! :-)

What do you think?  Cute?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Gold and Cream Dream - Art Deco Sideboard

I saw this sideboard and tested quite a few colours before deciding to paint in cream and gold.

This is the before pic, I was really drawn to those scalloped drawers and cupboard and the soft curve of the cupboards to the sides.  The sideboard is a golden honey coloured wood inside and out and in great condition.

I did two undercoat: firstly a red (Ruby chalk paint) followed by black (Nocturnal) and then painted all over in Neutral 'cream coloured' chalk paint.

When all the coats had dried evenly, I did some very light sanding.  I wanted to bring some colour through the cream - rather than leave as a solid colour as I thought it would be more interesting.

Next stage was layering on the antique gold wax - all across the middle sections, top and a touch to the feet.

The gold softly reflect the light.

Here's a 'lights on' pic...

And a light off...

I'm really pleased with the final outcome, gold under the drawers reflects of the gilding beautifully.

Finally, the handles have been replaced with smaller ceramic and matching gold hardware.

She's lighting up the shop right now...

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Chippy, Shabby, Antique Mahogany Painted Chest of Drawers

I forgot to take a before picture!! Oh never mind, here's the story so far...

This is a HUGE, antique mahogany chest of drawers, he weighs a ton - a friend has named him 'the beast'.  Well OK, he's looking more friendly now with a coat of paint!

I wanted to make him more distressed than my usual level of shabbying up.  The dark mahogany of the antique wood was just so dark, rich and generally gorgeous.

I mixed a custom colour - Duck Egg was too green and Antique Turquoise too bright, so I got the colour I wanted somewhere in the middle.  He's been painted all over with a couple of coats and then some really scratchy work was done with sandpaper - looks more chippy.

The original handles were a disappointing brass replacement.  Originally, the handles would have been large wooden 'buttons' and I've changed them back to glass buttons with antique hardware.  Don't you love those legs???

The grain inside the drawers is really strong, so I've painted in a very neutral colour of cream and left them shabby too - but uplifted.

I'm going to miss him when he's gone.  He's had a liberal dose of clear wax all over to create a soft shine and a small amount of dark wax added just to antique up a little bit - here and there...

A really amazing piece of furniture, full of character - I just love him to bits :-)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

1950s Dressing Table with White Chalk Wax

The Lemon Meringue Dresser got lots of attention and one of my clients asked me to do the same finish on a 1950s dressing table for her after she saw it on my Facebook Page here.

This lovely walnut lady was originally made by Beithcraft Furniture.  Beautifully manufactured, here's the before pic;

There's a single mirror attached that has a simple shell design, however this isn't part of my client's bedroom design - there'll be a separate mirror hung on the wall at the dressing table instead.

After all the hardware was removed, the whole piece was painted with a creamy coloured chalk paint called 'Neutral'.  It's a similar colour to Paris White chalk paint, but less 'lemon'.

Then covered in White Chalk Wax to create a French limed look.

I love the flow of the serpentine side drawers...

Unusually, the top has a step to the lower drawer.  Such a cute little shell design. Time to put the solid brass hardware back on.

Once buffed up, a small amount of gold wax has been applied to highlight some of the curves on the back, legs and the shell drawer.  The drawers are so perfect after more than 60 years of use.

I've added some gold bling across the drawer tops - you can see it when they're opened.

She's gone to her new home tonight :-)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Lemon Meringue - The Edwardian Painted Dresser

I've just finished this lovely little dresser for a customer...

It's quite a good story - it was dropped off in the usual brown state (here's a 'before' pic).  The oval mirror has been removed in this shot, but you can see, it's a traditional shape with little wheels on the legs.  the handles are a beautiful design.  The wood's not in great condition - a few cracks from age - but that makes it perfect for shabby-chic work.

The request was to paint her all over in Autentico's Paris White chalk paint.  It's the colour of clotted cream and is slightly lemon when waxed.  I was asked to 'shabby' up the paint with some sanding and then seal with white chalk wax. 

I wondered if it would work... I painted the wax on top of the chalk paint and then buffed up with a lint-free cloth.

The handles weren't removed as the screws on the front were very old, so the option was taken to have them painted and then lightly sanded to bring out the leafy design.

The white wax sits on top of the lemon paint like a meringue frosting.  It's been a hit with other customers, so more soon in this combo.

Meanwhile on a completely different subject, this week in Glasgow, we've had Comic Con at the SECC!  It's been a treat to see so many people dressed up and out on the street.  Here's a couple of my favourite pics...

I hope it went really well for everyone, it's been lots of fun seeing you :-)