Monday, 7 April 2014

Sunday Transformation Workshops

Up to the end of May, there's a furniture painting workshop on Sundays 2-5pm.  We had a great time this week - participants went through all the basics of using chalk paints and waxes and then got to experimenting on chosen pieces.

Here's a pic of June with her finished project, she bought along a very plain magazine holder.  She painted it all over in Foggy Venice grey chalk paint, then added Nearly Black and used two waxes to finish.  The final bling of silver on the handle finished it off beautifully - fantastic!!

Please book online or pop into the shop if you;d like to join a course.  The kind of comments I hear are 'I'm really enjoying this', 'It's been confidence building' and 'I've got lots of great idea now'.

If you have a special project in mind or would like to learn more advanced techniques including image transfer, do let me know.

Everything is supplied at the course - so don't worry if you can't find something to bring along.

Costs £30 for three hours.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nice leg candy! Refurbished Console Table

I picked up this old piece of furniture this week - the owners described it as a wash stand - I was drawn to the attractive leg candy and drawer design!  Would make a lovely console table.

Here's how she looked before:

Very old and brown with lots of dings and scratches accumulated over the years.

Originally  there were two drawer pulls on each drawer which have been replaced with these half-moon handles.

Nice barley twist legs though - they look fantastic painted and waxed!

The whole piece has been painted in Autentico Nearly Black and finished with Black Chalk Wax.

The handles have been changed back two per drawer. Simple white ceramic hardware that doesn't detract from the lovely design of the drawers.

Here she is in the shop - looking very cool and sophisticated.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Art Deco Bedroom Duo

I've picked up two pieces of Art Deco bedroom furniture.  A very unusual dressing table and an armoire.

I've put it into the shop to see if there's any interest.  The walnut veneer is in good condition and the armoire cupboard opens with one shelf inside.

The flower shaped mirror is an unusual and pretty feature.

The bakelite and chrome handles are butterscotch colour with some light and darker shades.

A great little set - if it doesn't sell, yes I will be painting it :-)

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Strawberry Frosted Cupcake - 1950s Pink Dressing Table

I love this Dressing Table set!  I picked up this old and original piece at the point it was totally ready for a make-over.  I always start with the reveal, so here she is at the shop:

Here's the before when she arrived at the shop - the mirrors are off the back but the original organza is still in place.  Looking a bit sad!  The wood is a faded yellow - so this probably would have been glorious in gold, 56 years ago.

What's really nice about this piece (apart from the shape and the fact I have the original stool too) is the wood - which has a pretty soft grain to it.

Here's the original date stamp from inside the frame and shows her birthday, 10th September 1958 - a Virgo!

I painted her all over in Autentico's Antique Rose.

And then waxed all over with the White Chalk Wax to create a frosted finish - you'll see the frosting in the grain.

The mirror is a beautiful scalloped shape.

The handles have been changed to add the bling.

And the seat is recovered too - I love to visit Laduree for macaroons when in Paris, so this is my yummy salute to them!  My strawberry frosted cupcake :-)  

 What a beauty!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Up-cycled Bedside Cabinets

Everyone is saying up-cycled, I prefer refurbished... Anyway - here's a really nice couple of bedside cabinets I put in the shop today - starting with the reveal, standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder :-)

And here's the before...

These are 1950s and have got some really nice features.

Made by Wrighton, nice and sturdy.

The best feature inside - pull the front down and that's where you have you leisurely cup of tea and toast as you read your papers or hot chocolate and bedtime novel.

I painted them with Autentico's Roman White and Foggy Venice outside and Antique Rose inside.  Clear wax to finish and seal.  The mats have been replaced with PVC fabric.  Oh, I'm in the mood for springtime in Paris!

The insides of the drawers are painted pink too with a bit of silver bling across the top.

Lovely crystal pulls to catch the light.

They look really smart!  Definitely one of my favourites :-)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Not just furniture

Here's a quick pic of some of the other items in the shop for sale at the moment, we have a vintage stock that's constantly being added to.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Chalk Painted Mirrors

I've just got a couple of mirrors into the shop - one is original Art Deco, the other is an italian sunburst and both are painted with Foggy Venice -  a lovely soft grey and finished in that lovely French style.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Like a warm summer day - blue painted dressing table

Wow!!  This colour is a knock out, it's called Crete Blue but I think it has a Scandinavian edge to it - like a summery blue sky.  I'm going to add quite a few pics, it's a beautiful piece and the colour is so vibrant.

This Edwardian dressing table has such a cute character with little shelves, a jewelry drawer and some pretty carved features.  Here she is dressed in brown...

It's a shame - those features get so lost as plain wood.  Someone's written December 18th 1914 on the underside of the top drawer... what a sad time in history.

I do love the shape of the supports to the mirror

the carving at the side of the small drawer 

and the detail at the bottom of the dressing table

They are all so pretty!

And in case you hadn't already noticed, I added some gold bling to the drawers and along various lines for some highlighting.  Not much outside the drawers, just a kiss of antique gold.

The handles are changed to black and gold ceramic 'pumpkins'.

The gold, black and blue adds a lovely richness.

I can't stop admiring this piece, brings a smile... I'm going to re-arrange everything and put her in the window :-)