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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Black Wardrobe - Custom Makeover

Just a few pics from the workshop - I was commissioned to work on a customer's pine wardrobe - this one was made in Mexico, quite rustic with pseudo 'rusty' metal hardware.

The request was to give it the 'cherry blossom' look...

So here it is in the workshop... first of all, painted all over in black (Nocturnal) chalk paint, gilded on the top, along the insides of the doors, along the wardrobe bottom and on the drawer.  

Apologies for the pics... not much room to manoeuvre with this piece.

Then painted with cherry blossom design using pink and white chalk paints.  Finishing touches were the handles which are changed to black and gold ceramic... I'll need to remove and drill new holes before delivering this - the original placement of the door handles are out of alignment!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Dressing Table and Wardrobe Duo

I've just finished working on a couple of pieces for a customer.  The beautiful dressing table was painted all over some time ago in a white emulsion.  So I needed to get rid of all the bad paint, drips, tannin stains and flaking before giving it a new look.

The request was for Roman White and Foggy Venice chalk paint - everyone loves the combination of those colours.

The single door wardrobe looms over the dressing table and needed to have a matching paint job so the two pieces could go together into the guest room.

The hardware was changed for something a little prettier and the key and keyhole and hinges were given the gold leaf treatment.

Once finished, both pieces were given a wax varnish to protect the surfaces.

Although the wardrobe is quite plain, it's got enough white to uplift a room and not overwhelm the dressing table.

They look like a cute couple now!

I accentuated some of the design that had been lost in the emulsion white-out by dry brushing.

Part of the tops and the drawers were painted in the grey to bring out the shapes and give more definition to the pattern.

Really difficult to get the two pieces together in the shop - I'll update as soon as I can move things around... and hopefully get a pic in their new home later in the month.