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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mirror refurb - Paris White Chalk Paint and White Wax

Just a quick story today, I painted a triple mirror in a creamy coloured chalk paint by Autentico called 'Paris White'.  I didn't take a before pic because it was just plain pine - but should have - as the results were really great!

I used clear wax all over and then rubbed a second coat of white wax over, the ice cream colour with white looks lovely on this piece.  Shame it was getting late on and losing light.

Here's a close up of the wood buffed up - you can see the white wax looking like a wash.

I repainted this table today as well, it was grey (a bit boring actually) and now it's Gers Blu - again the pic has been taken late on when the light's fading, but it looks so sweet with that little lamp.

Another thing that happened today is someone was admiring some of the vintage finds and said, I love you stuff but really don't like that monkey...

How can you not like Monkey?  I looooooove my little Monkey!!!!! :-)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mirror, mirror - Do Over

This is a pretty old (and as usual brown) mirror.  It's very heavy glass and wood and I'll need to drill new hooks into the back to make sure it can hang horizontally.  I like to start with the REVEAL - here it is finished and in the shop window.

The reason I swooped and bought it was that it's got a really pretty design carved into the frame.  Here's the original brooown version...

I took the pic on Saturday - guess what, blue skies in Glasgow.  Yay!! I forgot what sun looked like after months of feeling like I was in a Film Noir (with all that rain).

I gave it a couple of coats of Venice Fog - a grey chalk paint from the Autentico Vintage range.

Then dry brushed the detail with Autentico's Roman White to bring out the design... so pretty!

It was only in the window a few hours before someone came in to ask about it... not sold yet, but I don't think it will be around for long!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

You can't have too much grey in winter!

I love the way grey and and white work together.  I've put together a few separate pieces I've picked up to make a set.

Here they are when I was ready to start.

A wooden mirror and small lamp table - or plant stand - and a brass lamp stand.  All quite traditional.

The mirror had a nice flower design and like the table had a bit of carving along the edges.

I gave the lamp a dusting of Roman White chalk paint and started work on the table and mirror with French Linen and Original.  It's a deeper grey than Paris Grey and is just beautiful with White.

I put shabby white detail under the rim of the table and down the curvy legs and just a bit of white onto the mirror.

It's pretty grey outside, but found my beautiful grey and white heron on the river.

I love these finished pieces, simple and chic.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chest of Drawers and Mirror in Duck Egg Blue

I picked up this chest of drawers and separately an old brown mantle mirror, but painted in the same colour they come together for a great look.

I did think long and hard about what colour to go with - pretty tempted by pink to tell you the truth!  But opted for a duck egg blue in the end.

The chest of drawers needed a bit of filling and sanding before I started to get the bumps and knocks out.  The handles are solid brass, but I decided to go for a complete refurb and will replace them.

So here's the first look after a couple of coats of paint.  There's hardly any sunlight at this time of year but the colour is quite good in the pic.  Shame I forgot to take a 'before' shot of the mirror.

After buffing up all over with clear wax, I added crystal pull handles.

Very pretty...

That mirror is really heavy by the way!

The mirror will hang separately on the wall above the dresser.

Looking very shabby chic!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mirror with Drawers Refurb

A veeeery short story...

a nice little project.

Not much to do - but these kind of mirrors with drawers are lovely when they are all shabbied up.

In fact I did try to change the handles to some brass ones that I washed in the Old White chalk paint I used... then changed my mind and used gold buff on the original handles.  

A little more gold on the tops of the drawers and it's done.  Sweet!!