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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Painting with White and Turquoise Chalk Paint

These are currently my favourite colours... white and turquoise, here's how I've been using them on antique lamps, a chair and mirrors.

These huge, antique lamps are in the shop now and are just stunning.

I just finished this chair - painting and shabbying works really well on dark wood, I enjoyed bringing through the chair design.  The seat has been recovered in a French linen fabric.

Well who can resist large shabby mirrors?  They brighten up rooms and hallways and look good against any colour, even white on white.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hand Painted Furniture Commissions - Duck Eggs Galore!

I've had a lot of requests lately to refurbish bedrooms furniture using a colour that's EVERYBODY'S favourite... Duck Egg Blue.

Here's a quick look at a complete bedroom set I did last week.  Twenty years ago, everyone thought pine was yummy - and the fact is, there's some great quality stuff around.  This lot consists of a merchant chest, bedside cabinets, headboard for the bed, dressing table with mirrors and free-standing mirror.  All to be painted Duck Egg, finished with clear wax and gold gilding added.

All the handles were removed and given a few coats of Autentico's duck egg colour which is called 'Troubled Waters'.  Once painted we were going to try out a few different ceramic looks to see how black, white and gold would look.

We settled for refurbing the existing handles, don't they look cute now?

Everything looks lovely and fresh.

When using chalk paint, you can decide the finished look by thickening or thinning the paint - choose whether to cover or show the wood grain.  Waxes can be used to create shine, or can be left matt.

Another customer wanted a couple of bedside cabinets painted to match this chest of drawers.

So these were painted, stencilled and gilded.  Such a pretty bedroom design.

We love to stencil :-)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Green and Gold - painted chest of drawers with mirror

Here's a commission I was working on last week.  My customer has an Art Deco black and green bathroom and wanted to have an old chest of drawers and mirror painted to match the colour scheme.

This is the 'before. pic.... all very brown and plain.  It's been sitting in the hall outside the bathroom, so the idea is that the colours and brightness are mirrored and lighten up the hallway.  The mirror is Edwardian while the chest of drawers with a small cupboard is 1940s.

This customer didn't want anything too fancy, just a bit of gilding on the handles and mirror so that everything matches in.  I custom-mixed some of the green chalk paint colours: Antique Turquoise, Troubled Waters and Lemon/Lime to get the right colour.

Just a bit of gold wax to finish - the rest of the painted surfaces have had a couple of coats of clear wax to seal and finish.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Antique Turquoise Chalk Paint Mirrors

Turquoise is a very popular colour - here's a couple of mirrors that have been given a chalk paint do-over.

I see quite a few of these convex plaster mirrors - they're great for a shabby-job.  This one's been painted with a mix of Autentico's two chalk paints - Antique Turquoise and Troubled Waters - then once dry, the antique gold from the mirror's been rubbed through.

This second mirror has been salvaged from an old dresser.  Painted in an undercoat of red chalk paint, Antique Turquoise has been added over the top.  

A nice oval mirror with some patina that adds beautifully to the overall look.

With a little light sanding, the red comes through, would look lovely in a decorative hall of mirrors.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

White Chalk Paint - Get the Original Shabby-Chic Look

Leaves are falling gold and red... it feels like Autumn now.  As the days become less sunny, it's fun to grab the white chalk paint, find a special piece of furniture, paint it all over and then shabby it up...  Here's some pieces I've been working on the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, this small French chest of drawers.  What a gem, it's got everything girlie going on.  I've used Autentico's Roman White Chalk Paint and finished everything with clear wax to seal and protect.

I sometimes see standard lamps around, and jumped on this one when I saw it - I wanted to paint all that candy-twist detail.

So many of my customers come in asking about painting all their 1980s pine furniture.  Can I paint it?  YES YOU CAN!!   It was an orange pine bookcase, now available in white.

This 1980s lamp is like a chess piece, I haven't done any sanding, I just love the design.

And I often paint candlesticks, the white and chrome is so fresh...

What about a Plant Stand?  Well OK, you don't need to use it as a plant stand, in the bedroom, put your prized handbag or shoes on show :-)

Finally, I've painted a Rocking-Horse... keeping it simple!  I should put a luscious plant on her back...

Friday, 29 August 2014

Fabulous Ornate Mirrors

I love to get the colour out...  Here's some really beautiful mid-century mirrors that have been painted using Autentico's Vintage chalk paints.

This floral mirror is made of plaster and has been painted with Heliotrope chalk paint - a strong magenta colour that still has hints of the original gold coming through.

Here I've used Antique Turquoise chalk paint, love it :-)

So what do you want - blue or pink?  I'll be using more colours as I find the mirrors that's for sure!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Maleficent - Mirror Collection

Great name - and really do think I'll look forward to seeing Angelina play the part... meanwhile WHAT do you think of this incredible mirror I picked up?  Original 1950/60s and in perfect condition.  Hmmm mirror, mirror...

I've also got an number of other great retro, Victorian and Art Deco mirrors in stock - here's a quick look at some.

The largest mirror is a Victorian over-mantle and has some beautiful design.

This one's in the window - very flamboyant :-)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Chalk Painted Mirrors

I've just got a couple of mirrors into the shop - one is original Art Deco, the other is an italian sunburst and both are painted with Foggy Venice -  a lovely soft grey and finished in that lovely French style.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Vanity Mirror - Painted Pink

More pine stories - this one is about a nice old vanity mirror.  This has had lots of love over the years and has been discarded, but it's a lovely design with the curves and bevelled mirror.

I wanted to get into some colour and opted for Autentico's Purple Rain - a lovely rich pink!

All I did was paint a couple of coats and seal with clear wax - a rich cherry blossom pink...  It's going straight into the window!