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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Grey Painted Edwardian Dresser - with frosting

This lovely Edwardian dresser has the most beautiful handles, but could do with an overhaul I reckon!

Here she is all in brown before outfit - the surfaces are a bit scratched up but what a lovely mirror!

And here's Cinders after being given an all over treatment.  I went for a very simple solution using Autentico's Foggy Venice grey chalk paint and then used white chalk wax all over to get that frosted finish.

The insides of the two small drawers at the top are painted in a strong pink - called Heliotrope.

The chalk wax brings a really lovely limed finish - it reminds me of a light sprinkling of cake frosting or if you need a cool look winter's frost.

The mirror looks wonderful against a dark wall and the grey brings through the curvy design.

Here's a close up of the drawer handles and locks - the white wax does a great job. Very Arts and Crafts!

And adding brush strokes in the chalk paint means the surfaces can be more interesting.

 She's just waiting for a good home now...

 Looks good with whites - this warm grey is almost silver with the white finish.  Beautiful :-)

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Edwardian Dressing Table - Painted Grey and White

I found this lovely dressing table and after posting on my Facebook Page here I was commissioned to paint grey with white detail.

This is one of the pics I posted - everything very brown, the original handles have been replaced along the way... but just a really lovely design.

I painted her all over in a 'Paris' grey chalk paint (Foggy Venice from Autentico's range) and picked out the detail in Roman White.

Love the curly design :-)

The handles were replaced with white ceramic buttons.

And the insides painted in Purple Rain - another favourite pink colour from Autentico.  The rims of the drawers were gilded silver.

Love those legs - a lovely piece of furniture - now delivered to her new home where she's much admired by all :-)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Edwardian Dressing Table - Painted Duck Egg Blue

I've painted chests of drawers, cabinets, mirrors in this colour, but this is my first dressing table painted a 'duck egg blue' colour. in Autentico's Vintage Chalk Paint range, this is called 'Troubled Waters'.

I should have done it sooner - what a fabulous look!!  Here's how this piece looked before I started work.  Love the mirror, those wonderful jewellery drawers, legs with stilettoe wheels...

Just a lovely piece of furniture - but in need of a total overhaul.

After removing the hardware, I just gave a few coats all over. softly sanded away to shabby up and then used a clear wax to seal.  

The hardware was so pretty, I painted the brass handles in the same colour and then gilded over to bring out the design.

The tops of the drawers have been gilded with gold too.

The colour of the wood really sets of the duck egg.

I love the shape of the mirror - the supports at the side are so elegant.

So here she is in the shop.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Like a warm summer day - blue painted dressing table

Wow!!  This colour is a knock out, it's called Crete Blue but I think it has a Scandinavian edge to it - like a summery blue sky.  I'm going to add quite a few pics, it's a beautiful piece and the colour is so vibrant.

This Edwardian dressing table has such a cute character with little shelves, a jewelry drawer and some pretty carved features.  Here she is dressed in brown...

It's a shame - those features get so lost as plain wood.  Someone's written December 18th 1914 on the underside of the top drawer... what a sad time in history.

I do love the shape of the supports to the mirror

the carving at the side of the small drawer 

and the detail at the bottom of the dressing table

They are all so pretty!

And in case you hadn't already noticed, I added some gold bling to the drawers and along various lines for some highlighting.  Not much outside the drawers, just a kiss of antique gold.

The handles are changed to black and gold ceramic 'pumpkins'.

The gold, black and blue adds a lovely richness.

I can't stop admiring this piece, brings a smile... I'm going to re-arrange everything and put her in the window :-)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Duck Egg Blue Chest of Drawers

This is the REVEAL of this old brown chest of Drawers...

It started out s really very plain - nice little cabriole legs and to be fair, the drawers work smoothly, which is great!

But not a great looker... I'll need to replace the handles, one of them is missing.  I'll look forward to using the other five on another piece some time.

Quite a lot of sanding to prep the top of the dresser to get rid of bumps.  I really couldn't decide what would be the best colour... I ended up going for a long walk with Fifi...

I walked along the river and decided I wanted something springlike, I want COLOUR!! So I've gone for Duck Egg Blue paint - all over...  Here she is after one coat.

I recently came across some truly fabulous Edwardian very solid brass handles on ebay, the duck egg blue and gold colours are beautiful together.

I finished the drawer tops with some gold to bring a little more glamour.

Absolutely LOVE the effect of blue and gold. I did a veeery small bit of sanding to this piece around the edges and on the legs.  What a yummy chest of drawers!!