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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Demi Lune Shabby Chic Display Cabinet

There are lots of pretty display cabinets around that look fabulous when they're refurbished.

This 'half-moon' cabinet has an Oriental design but is originally made by a London based company.  I was really looking forward to giving this the French Shabby look!

Here's the before pic.  There's three glass shelves inside.  The raised design on the outside would have been so vibrant when it was new, but now it's full of scratches and watermarks and ready for a new look.

She's been painted inside with a soft grey - Foggy Venice chalk paint.  Then outside creamy Paris Grey chalk paint and given a rough sanding to get the shabby look.  Clear wax seals and protects the paint and adds a soft shine.

I was originally thinking about adding lots of gilding to this cabinet, but once painted the flow of the design was enough.  Just a bit of bling on the insides of the doors.

And the tootsies...

One of the special things about this cabinet is the key... gives a very satisfying click to lock, great piece of design too.

Here she is getting ready to go to her new home outside the shop.  The shelves are out, I'll have to get a pic when she's settled in.

The doors open outwards to give full access to the display case inside, what a beauty!

Here's a quick pic taken from my apartment last night - another Lune shot, this one taken over the rooftops to show a Dark Moon, with Venus and Mars above.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Treasure Chest - Chinese Cabinet painted with grey and red chalk paint

You can't beat the beauty of well-made vintage and antique furniture.

This antique Chinese cabinet is a treasure.  It might not look like much from the outside, but it has some wonderful features.

I went shabby, shabby SHABBY with this cabinet - there's antique gold gilding around the tops of the drawers and across the hardware.

The doors are hinged so they can be lifted off to create an open cupboard.

When they are dropped in place, the doors close and there's a small bar for a padlock.

I kept things simple and painted the outside with Autentico's light grey - Foggy Venice chalk paint.  I went to work with some fine sandpaper and highlighted all the shape within this piece.

Then 'tra-laaaa' open the doors to a stunning shabby red...

The outside has had lots of clear wax polished into the chalk paint, while the inside has received a couple of coats of wax varnish... ready to roll :-)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Queen of Hearts - 1960s painted display cabinet

I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into the charity shop and saw this amazing glass display cabinet.  Just an incredible find and very unique - here's how she looks in the shop.

And this is how I found her...

She's got the 1960s Brit Licence Kitemark - great age provenance.

There are hearts everywhere :-)

I have spent a lot of time thinking about colours and in the end decided on a warm pink interior using Autentico's Purple rain and soft grey exterior - Foggy Venice chalk paints.

Luckily the original glass shelves are in fantastic order, after removing them I got to work on painting a couple coats on the inside.

I tried a few different handles and in the end opted to stay with the originals and gave them a silver refurb to match the silver heart on the glass.

She's a beauty... after one day in the window, I've already had three people pop in to admire her.

I think she'd be a superb cocktail cabinet!