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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Classic 1950s French Style Chest of Drawers - Painted Cream

This lovely chest of drawers is just such a classic...

These 1950s and early 60s pieces of furniture are great finds, they're solid wood, beautifully made and will last for decades.

Here's a before pic.  Originally painted in cream with silver handles, I wanted to stay true to the original look, but after 60 or so years of wear and tear, she needed an upgrade!

She's been painted all over with Autentico's Paris White Chalk Paint -  a soft, vanilla ice cream colour.

The design of these handles is gorgeous. I've refurbed in the same colour of cream and then gilded with gold to bring though the design.

I kept things simple - adding gold to the edges of the drawers and lightly on the feet.

Here's some white bookends against the cream... such a pretty colour.

The insides of the drawers have been gilded too, not too much bling, but couldn't resist a bit.

In the shop now and ready for a new home :-)

Saturday, 29 August 2015

1950s French Style Dressing Table Set Painted in Cream

I ran into this wonderful 1950s Dressing Table set recently and was really excited about giving her the revamp treatment.

Here's a quick look at the 'before' pic when she arrived - outside the shop.  This set was originally painted in a cream paint with silver handles.

There's been quite a lot of wear and tear and she just looks grubby - but hey, don't you love that princess mirror?

Close up there's quite a few dings and discolouration's set in, but she's really solid and in great condition otherwise.  I painted her all over in a lovely vanilla cream colour from Autentico called Paris White.

There are three drawers - there's one in the middle too.  When I took this photo I was nearly finished.  One of the GREAT things about these dressing tables is you can often discard the mirror and just create a really wonderful work desk.

After painted and waxing - with clear wax, I went to work with some custom gilding wax I made up in an antique gold.  I kept things simple, just drawing out the curves and little flourishes on the legs...

 ...and enjoyed getting her boots on.

The two drawer handles have been refurbed in the same colours with gilding.

With some polishing, the shine is beginning to come through on the waxed top.

A little bit of gilding added to the mirror struts.

Of course she sold as I was finishing her up - the customer's buying her own choice of fabric and then I'll recover the seat... I'll put the final pic up once that's done.

I just loooooove these kidney-shaped dressing tables!!!

This is where I usually say - in the shop and ready for sale now - but she's been snapped up already.
I hope to have another one in soon though.  Keep an eye on my Facebook page, I often post furniture that can be custom painted.  You pick the colour(s) and finish and I'll deliver.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Two little orphans - part 2

This is orphan No. 2

Like the first table - Orphan No. 1, I found this when I was out walking with Fifi.  Here's some of the 'before' pictures.  A bit of repair work first!

A lot of damage to the veneer on the top and cracked edges...

So I needed to do quite a bit of sanding and filling before I started with paint.  I decided to use Cream and Old White.  I love the way the paint looks before wax - looks like a snow covered pie top table now.

I then started to sand some of the surfaces to bring out the curves.

I wanted to add some design to this table and printed a VERY primitive heart on the bottom shelf using gold paint.  I repainted over using cream and then sanded the paint away.

A really nice effect I'd like to do more work with.

When the clear wax is added, the cream, white and golden brown of the wood blend into a great finish.

The cream turns a more buttery yellow.

Cute little table now - just needs a new home :-)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Toy Boy

This week's project is a Tall Boy that matches the dressing table I finished last week.  I was talking about this to the girls at work and had an unfortunate slip up calling it my Toy Boy... A few hours of smutty jokes about the size of his drawers, how long it was going to take to wax him and his stubby little legs later I am pretty stuck on Toy Boy now...

After two coats of cream chalk paint, a rub down and waxing.

Here's how he looks before I start any work.

He's definitely seen better days.  The veneer is a bit knocked and scratched in places.

But I'll work all this into my shabby look to add to the finished look. Next step is to take all the handles off and get ready for the first coat.

And here he is after one coat of a cream chalk paint.  I'm using a fine sandpaper to shabby up the paintwork.  Like the dressing table I painted gold onto the tops of the drawers for a bit of bling.

Finally, here's the new boy - looks good!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dressing Table? Love the curvy calves!

Here's a dressing table I worked on - starting with the REVEAL - I bought this a while ago and put it in the garage with a tallboy dresser that will be my next project. 

This 1950s dresser still has the glass top and has been painted and waxed with cream chalk paint.

Here it is before I started.

People are always asking for this kind of dressing table, I love the detail of the drawers and those curvy legs!

As I get into this project, I'll bring out the scroll design, but start by taking off the handles and get everything ready.

And here I am after a first coat - I decided to use cream chalk paint this this time.

It's amazing how good it looks after just once coat, on the second coat I'll think about just how shabby I want to go with this.

The handles of the drawers are going to be another job.

I've added gold to the top of the drawers for a bit of bling when they are opened.  

I put some more gold onto the scroll work of the middle drawer

And here it is so far... 

Once I waxed it with clear wax, the lovely cream colour came out of the chalk paint, the handles are back on and it's ready to go!