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Monday, 6 July 2015

Book a Summer Workshop

Summer workshops are in full swing - here's a quick peek at some of the lovely transformations we've seen recently:

Inspired? Bring along an old piece of furniture... we do a lot of pine!

Saturday workshops can be booked at the shop or online here
Costs £35 per session and runs for 3 hrs, from 2pm to 5pm.
Call the shop on 0141 339 2767 (CLOSED Sundays and Mondays)

If you'd like to book a day other than Saturday or would like to discuss a special project, just phone or pop into the shop :-)

You'll find us in the West End of Glasgow at 27 Old Dumbarton Road, Finnieston, G3 8RD.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Furniture Transfers and Saturday Afternoon Workshops

Workshops are now running on a Saturday afternoon instead of Sundays.  When you sign up at the shop or online here you can bring along a small piece of furniture like a bedside cabinet or drawers from a larger piece.

Last week in a small workshop (I only take up to 3 people at a time) we focussed on transfers.

Here, Mary's painting a tray with Autentico's Violet Grey chalk paint (hairdryer for speedy drying process in the shop).

We looked at a number of transfer methods - Mary chose some French typography for black and white photocopy transfer.

Everything was sealed and waxed...

And ready to go home for a new use - no longer a children's games tray, now a drinks tray in the lounge :-)

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Black Chalk Wax

I've been meaning to do a story of black chalk wax.  I've been using it quite a lot lately and now customers are using it regularly in workshops.  Gail picked up this chair which had been totally abandoned - she saw the potential :-)

The seat frame was there and a kind hubby glued everything together.

Here's the amazing 'after'.  Gail painted the chair in Foggy Venice - a light grey chalk paint.  Then used clear and black waxes to bring out the design.  She covered the seat in Harris Tweed which she'd bought when she visited the Hebrides.  Look at those lovely knees below his kilt!!

Black wax is easy to use and can create a stunning effect.  This mirror has been painted and and waxed in the same colours as Gail used...

And so has this desk - yes we're loving the black wax!

Friday, 13 June 2014

West End Festival - June Workshops

The weather's been on and off - the rain that is!  During the West End Festival, we're running Et Voila! Workshops that teach the basics of furniture decorating in two and a half hour evening sessions.

Two weeks into the festival we've had monsoon rain... il pleut des chats et des chiens :-)

But it hasn't stopped the fun!  We've been painting tables, cabinets,


Shabby-ing, layering, gold waxing, learning image transfer techniques...

It's been great fun here at the Chateau...  looking forward to the next two weeks ladies!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April Workshops - Painted Chairs and Clocks

Well Easter and all that lovely warm weather is now a memory blip :-0

But there's been a few workshops going on at the Chateau... Here's some pics to share:

This lovely clock was simply an old brown thing... loved in the family... but now it is just stunning!  Painted in Antentico's Gers Blu and finished with clear wax and some Antique Gold.  A beautiful 'Wedgewood' look.

This really was a fab transformation, any of the old brass and carved relief along the bottom was just lost in the old brown veneer.

Talking of memory blips, I'm having a terrible time remembering to take the before pic actually BEFORE we start.  Please do remind me!

This chair was took three hours from start to finish - we used Autentico's "Lemon" chalk paint - yes, that's the lime colour (really) for an all over coat or two.

And then did lots of work with dark brown and clear wax to get the right shade and shabby look.

So this table and chairs set - originally from Pier - was going up for sale on Gumtree but now has been completely re-invented and re-loved.  I'm looking forward to sharing the finished pics when they're ready.

Great job ladies!!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Sunday Transformation Workshops

Up to the end of May, there's a furniture painting workshop on Sundays 2-5pm.  We had a great time this week - participants went through all the basics of using chalk paints and waxes and then got to experimenting on chosen pieces.

Here's a pic of June with her finished project, she bought along a very plain magazine holder.  She painted it all over in Foggy Venice grey chalk paint, then added Nearly Black and used two waxes to finish.  The final bling of silver on the handle finished it off beautifully - fantastic!!

Please book online or pop into the shop if you;d like to join a course.  The kind of comments I hear are 'I'm really enjoying this', 'It's been confidence building' and 'I've got lots of great idea now'.

If you have a special project in mind or would like to learn more advanced techniques including image transfer, do let me know.

Everything is supplied at the course - so don't worry if you can't find something to bring along.

Costs £30 for three hours.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Beginners Workshops - using chalk paint

Phew, busy week!  We had a beginners workshop at the shop last night.  We were looking at the basics of Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint, colours pigment, layering and various drying times.  We also had a go at dry brushing techniques over different paints and raised surfaces and saw how the different coloured waxes can be used to create different finishes.

Great night ladies!!

Courses can be booked in the shop or online here Book a Course

Classes are small - for up to three people, and take place in the shop, so please feel free to discuss your different interests as a beginner.  If you'd like to get to grips with finishing techniques, shabby-chic or interest in different transfer methods, let me know and we can create a class for you.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Traditional Upholstery Tutorial - Drop-in Seats

Here's my experience of a recent course in upholstery.   I pick up a lot of chairs with drop-in seats and wanted to find out about refurbing them the classic way, so I went on a two-day course to find out.

Here's a before and after of the stool - such a nice little piece - I fall for those legs all the time.

Next, one antique chair - I took this apart, removed the horse hair and was terrified something was going to crawl out!!

And one reproduction chair - I have four of these, the seats are drop in leather, but I just took one to the course.

Then I got started...

First of all, the two older seats had been worked with tacks, the leather seat was finished with staples.  It took a couple of hours just to take all the staples and tacks out.

All the frames are good to start work.

I had to cut the webbing and hammer in the tacks...  while using a stretching machine... sounds like torture.

Then finish with hessian backing.

I am now an expert at banging tacks in.

Then the horsehair was cut to size - this is rubberised horsehair, I kind of glad I wasn't working with untreated loose hair.

Then put the fluffy clouds of wadding over the top and start with the calico.

Day two I was spending a lot of time stretching, positioning and hammering in the tacks.

But look at the result - soooo proud.  And they fit. I like the calico finish but for the course we had to have an upholstery fabric to cover the pieces.

I went for a black and white, even that was complicated - you have to have the pile facing a certain way so it ruffles when you sit and smoothes when you get up out of the chair (apparently).  Well well...

So here's all three finished at the end of the upholstery course, I learned so much!  I had no idea it would be so complicated and take so long.  I have to paint the chairs next.

This is the stool painted in a dark grey - graphite colour - and finished with dark wax.

And this is the repro painted in Autentico 'Venice Fog' chalk paint and finished with a clear wax.

Traditional upholstery is way more complex than I thought it would be, the results are really beautiful.