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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Spring Collection in Blues and Golds

What's been going on at the shop?  I've been really bad at posting this month, but there has been A LOT of painting in Duck Egg Blue and Gold.  Spring's well underway, the sun's been shining... and we've been busy with customers who want to BRIGHTEN everything up!  Here's some pics for you and a 'before and after' story.

This tallboy chest of drawers might look on it's last legs BUT with a bit of blue and gold treatment...  lovely handles and detail :-)...

Can easily be turned into a really interesting piece of furniture.  I've used Autentico's chalk paint - Troubled Waters for the overall colour.  Then added a mix of clear and gold metallic waxes to finish.  The handles have been worked on so the floral blossom design is now seen.

Chalk paint sticks to any surface, so if you've got great handles - don't change them!

The blue wardrobe has lots of gilding added - it's a lovely 1930s design, inside there's a hanging rail and shelves.

As the sun's out, skies are blue and the cherry blossom is blooming, here's some quick pics from the park.

I hope this year will be a good year for the bees...

The Grey Wagtail's out too... this one must be a female if I've identified her properly...

The RSPB has a great site for identifying birds - you can link through here
It took me a while to identify this fella - known as a Dipper.  When you find the bird you're looking for, there's lots of info including an audio link to hear their song :-)

Have a great weeeeeeek!!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Glorious Gilded Armoire - Duck Egg Blue and Gold

Well, I had to go full out glam with this piece of furniture.  A lovely armoire, very well made but looking dated and frankly, dull, dull, dull.

It's a heavy, solid piece of furniture, looking stuck in the 1980's - the way it's been put together and the original wood work is great though - there's lots of potential!

I wanted to go full on FRENCHIFIED with this one.  J'adore the French Country Cottage look and one of the best ways to get this is with a 'duck egg blue' chalk paint.. So I painted both inside and out in Autentico's Vintage chalk paint in this colour which is called Troubled Waters.

After a few layers to get the right finish, all the detail's been picked out with gold gilding.

Inside, the drawers have been given a gold wax finish.

With just a bit of gold lining across the top...

And the handles have had a bit of work added too.

Et voila!!  ready for your petit West End ch√Ęteau :-)

Friday, 23 January 2015

French Country Chest of Drawers- Duck Egg Blue Paint

Painting pine furniture with Duck Egg Blue paint and shabbying it up to give it that country feel is a real pleasure!

Here's the before pic:

This is a sturdy little chest of drawers, the handles have been changed at some point and it's pretty scuffed up - but not in a good way!

I painted all over (including the back) using Autentico's Troubled Waters - which is that veeeery French  yummy grey blue colour.  Then gave it some violent distressing with sandpaper and waxed to finish.

There's always more :-)  I replaced the old handles with one of my favourite ceramic 'bee design' drawer pulls.  I also painted the inside of the drawers in Violet Grey and finished with a little bit of gilding around the drawer tops.

I want to keep this French Country style, the legs are so pretty.

All the surfaces have been given a couple of coats of clear wax to seal and protect.

Tres jolie :-)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Painted Rocking Chairs and Jewellery Case

Here's a couple of short stories - first of all, I've painted two rocking chairs for a customer.

This large pine one has been painted in Autentico's 'Troubled Water' or Duck Egg chalk paint.

A subtle addition of gold wax has been added to the carved design and other area of the chair, so pretty!

There's a new baby in the house, so mummy sits rocking the baby to sleep.  Meanwhile little sister saw the chair going for painting and wanted her rocking chair painted too!! Here it is in Roman White.  Mummy bear and baby bear rockers :-)

A client dropped this off for me wondering if I'd like to use it.  YES PLEASE!!! How thoughtful :-)
Do you remember these school key cupboards?  This has still got all the room numbers added... and when you open it... wow - it SMELLS of school, so funny!

Well it's been painted, shabbied up and had a new handle added (Roman White chalk paint).  It's now going to be the necklace/ vintage jewellery cabinet - more pics on that soon x

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Painted Chest of Drawers - Duck Egg Blue and Gold

I love it when I get the chance to source and create a piece of furniture for a client.  This very large and solid pine chest of drawers that has been customised to match two bedside cabinets.

Here's the two cabinets that were bought previously, you can see their before and after story here.

And here's the grand old Victorian chest of drawers in the workshop before any work is started.

The original handles would have been the round 'button' style made of wood but have been changed along the way.  Three of the handles are a beautiful and original brass Arts and Crafts design.

So all the handles have been taken off and the wood is starting to get cleaned and sanded to remove old lumps of varnish, fill in holes and make the surface ready for painting.

I've used the same chalk paint - duck egg blue - or in Autentico's range it's called Troubled Waters.

The chest and drawers have been painted all over. lightly sanded for a slightly shabby look and finished in clear wax.  Then wooden handles have been gilded in gold to match the bedside cabinets.

After waxing, gold wax is added to bring a shimmer to the surface of the paint.

Gold wax is on the insides of the drawers too.

I love the finished look - luckily my client does too!