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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cosmic Silver Painted Bedside Cabinets

These little bedside cabinets are so precious!

I've refurbed a very similar set before - they're typical 1950s design and are wonderful solid pieces with cabriole legs, a single draw and the best feature - drop down table fronts with shelving inside.

I used a different colour scheme and finish inside with these one, you can see the other refurb story here

I got these for a customer who had bought a silver chest of drawers (story here)
They've been painted in the same colours - all over in Autentico's 'Foggy Venice' chalk paint and inside with Antique Turquoise.

After a few coats and smooth finish, a few coats of silver wax has been added.

These cabinets are slightly different to the previous refurb as they have a hard, wipe clean surface inside.  They're such a great design, if you pull the front of the cabinet down you have a place to put your morning cuppa...

The handles have been changed to sparkly crystal - these reflect the light and throw tiny rainbows around the room when the sun shines - which it continues to do... :-)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Silver and White Dressing Table

This is a pic of the finished dressing table - really quite large and with three fantastic long mirrors.

I'm still having difficulty getting decent photos - I took her into the workshop and tried  a 'before picture'.  This is the best I could manage - you can see this piece is very solid wood with walnut veneer, now sadly damaged and scratched but otherwise in great shape.

I got to work using a Paris grey coloured chalk paint from Autentico's range called 'Foggy Venice' and painted all over.  just look at the sweet little legs on the bottom of the mirrors!

The drawers were painted separately with 'Roman White' chalk paint - not too bright, more of an antique finish.

The handles have been refubished with a silver gilding - precious little silver tassels.

The legs and upper surfaces have been given a silver wax finish, while the rest has a clear wax to seal and protect.

The silver's been buffed up to give a really lovely reflective shine.

Love those mirrors...

All finished and in the shop :-)

Friday, 20 June 2014

Cosmic Silver - Vintage Tallboy Chest of Drawers Refurb

I just love bringing in the bling, but I really didn't plan this - it just kind of happened!

I picked up this lovely tallboy chest of drawers - the simple design and chunky brass handles caught my eye.  Very brown, boring washed up otherwise though.  Here's the before... see what I mean?

I stripped off the hardware and painted him all over with a 'Paris grey' chalk paint which is called Foggy Venice in Autentico's Vintage range. I was thinking about using a white chalk paint to contrast the drawers or introduce faux panels.

But my eyes kept being drawn to the silver powder I've bought to mix with my finishing waxes. So I took a very bold step in another direction and mixed up a batch of silver and started layering over the grey.

Until I reached the silver depths of bling I was thinking of.

Ring-a-ding bling...

There's some delicate design across the top of this dresser - to me it says 'WOW-WOW-WOW'.

I thought about all the different things I could do with the handles and decided to go with silver gilding.

Then painted the insides of the drawers in Autentico's Antique Turquoise chalk paint.  Finally, the drawer tops are finished in a silver gilding.  The brown's been banished.

Here he is in the shop.  Wow, cosmic baby!