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Monday, 19 May 2014

Treasure Chest - Chinese Cabinet painted with grey and red chalk paint

You can't beat the beauty of well-made vintage and antique furniture.

This antique Chinese cabinet is a treasure.  It might not look like much from the outside, but it has some wonderful features.

I went shabby, shabby SHABBY with this cabinet - there's antique gold gilding around the tops of the drawers and across the hardware.

The doors are hinged so they can be lifted off to create an open cupboard.

When they are dropped in place, the doors close and there's a small bar for a padlock.

I kept things simple and painted the outside with Autentico's light grey - Foggy Venice chalk paint.  I went to work with some fine sandpaper and highlighted all the shape within this piece.

Then 'tra-laaaa' open the doors to a stunning shabby red...

The outside has had lots of clear wax polished into the chalk paint, while the inside has received a couple of coats of wax varnish... ready to roll :-)

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lamp refurb - with Red Chalk Paint

Another dull, rainy day here... I need a bit of colour and there's so many things that can be done with Chalk Paint. This lamp started out white and I thought it would look good jazzed up in a red - here's how it looked after a couple of coats of Autentico Ruby red chalk paint.

Once dry, I waxed all over with Autentico's dark wax to finish and seal.  Wiping away most of the wax but leaving some to bring out the design.

The finished piece is really very attention grabbing, at last a bit of colour, very pretty!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Emperor's Silk (Chest of) Drawers

I really had no idea how this would turn out.  but I'm really glad I went for it... a very RED experiment using Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint.

So this little chest caught my eye because of the detail around the top and of course those very interesting brass handles!

The chest is put together from a veneer outer and solid oak drawers - that makes me think someone's married up two other pieces of furniture.

No cracks or breaks - so nothing much to sand or fill in other than some holes on the drawers.

I set out thinking I'd revert to a nice soft Paris Grey for this piece, then it was like something took over and before I knew what was happening I'd done two coats with the brightest colour I have - Emperor's Silk!!

I spent quite a lot of time with dark wax and that took the colour right back to a lovely rich burgundy red.

The dark wax has gone into some of the grain and really defines the detail.

I put gold around the insides of the drawers.

It adds to the richness.  I toyed with the idea of changing the handles - and may still do that but meantime I do like the look, slightly over the top :-)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

1940s Dressing Table - Graphite and Emperor Red

Here's this week's story of a 1940's dressing table I've re-furbed.

First thing I thought when I saw it for sale was I really liked that lovely 1940s shape.

Remind me to take the pictures - I'd unscrewed the mirror posts so I didn't do the full "before" picture.  Anyway - here she is, love those big box drawers and cabriole leggies.

 I bought this Emperor Silk red Chalk Paint and just think that Japanese look of black with red flashings...

Meanwhile, I spotted the local Heron while I was out on my river walk this weekend.  Kind of gets into this week's japanese theme.  Not a crane - but nor bad for a river safari.

So first of all, I'm painting the insides of the drawers in that lovely rich red... it's got a kind of blue to it rather than the orange red.

Next I painted graphite all over, waxed and finished with gold handles.

Here's the first glimpse of the drawers opening - I put gold around the tops.

I think it works really well...

Here's some more pics from the river to finish off :-)