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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sideboard Makeover - Black and Gold

This is quite a big piece of furniture, the first thing I did was give it a coat of grey chalk paint.  Then I let it squat in the workshop for a couple of days while we eyed each other up and I wondered how best to bring out the best in him.

So here's the 'before' pic - down with brown!!  Inside and out, just dull and heavy looking.

The top is in good condition - but quite marked... I needed to do a bit of sanding and filling on the top and after removing all the hardware.

I decided to go a bit over the top with Antique Gold and started out by painting all over with Nocturnal Chalk Paint from Autentico.

Then I went to work drawing out the design and lines.

Just a little bit of bling to the barley twist legs to balance things.

Lots of lovely gold wax to the top - this has been polished to a deep and smooth finish.

The hardware has been changed to black and gold ceramic and the insides of the cupboards and drawers have been painted with Gers Blu.

A nice and bright welcome!

All the paint has been sealed with a wax varnish to finish.

The finish is a strong look - quite a statement piece.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Black Wardrobe - Custom Makeover

Just a few pics from the workshop - I was commissioned to work on a customer's pine wardrobe - this one was made in Mexico, quite rustic with pseudo 'rusty' metal hardware.

The request was to give it the 'cherry blossom' look...

So here it is in the workshop... first of all, painted all over in black (Nocturnal) chalk paint, gilded on the top, along the insides of the doors, along the wardrobe bottom and on the drawer.  

Apologies for the pics... not much room to manoeuvre with this piece.

Then painted with cherry blossom design using pink and white chalk paints.  Finishing touches were the handles which are changed to black and gold ceramic... I'll need to remove and drill new holes before delivering this - the original placement of the door handles are out of alignment!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Cherry Blossom Armoire - Art Deco Refurb

Well I just love the way this has turned out!

This is the second piece of an Art Deco set I picked up.  The dressing table is finished in simple black and gold and has a stunning mirror  here.   Cue a quick peek at the before pic...

Armoires are just great for storage - with shelves in the top and this one has three drawers.

I painted this all over with Autentico's Nocturnal (black) chalk paint and then got to work on the gold branches of the cherry trees...

adorned them with blossom in Autentico's Roman White, Antique Rose and Purple Rain.

Two of the Art Deco handles were replaced on the cupboard as they were too badly broken.  The black and gold new handles work really well though.  All the hardware on the cupboard's been given the bling treatment.

There's been a generous amount of gold gilding around this piece, picking out the doors and feet.

Inside the drawers and cupboard are painted a warm golden butterscotch to match the tortoiseshell/ butterscotch coloured Catalin (an early Bakelite plastic) of the handles and to offset the gold. 

Kind of looks like a kimono with the doors open :-)

I really love the cherry blossom look and have some ideas for doing some more in this line.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Art Deco Dressing Table - Painted Black & Gold

I had a few people look at this Art Deco set before any work was done - and chat about buying - but there were no takers.  A great piece of design but I think she's ready for brand new, more glamorous life now.

So here she is all dressed up in black and gold - looking faaaabULOUS!

Here's a reminder of the before.  Nice shape but frankly, a bit past it.  The walnut veneer wasn't in the best condition, a bit of sun damage and a few age spots. (That armoire lurking in the background is up next by the way)

I chose Autentico's Nocturnal (black) chalk paint and gave her a few coats all over. Here's the during stage - a total chalky blackout.

The handles were removed and given a bit of a refurb too.  They are the most delicious tortoiseshell/ butterscotch coloured Catalin (an early Bakelite plastic) and chrome.

The insides of the drawers are painted in a rich golden colour too.

Oooh la la :-)

I finished off with Antique Gold gilding - not too much bling - just enough to lift the whole design.  I wanted the shape and colour of the handles to be part of the new look - their beauty was lost in the walnut veneer, now they have a chance to really shine.

Lastly everything's been sealed with a wax varnish - it has a soft shine.  I tell you, I can't stop admiring her!! A really very striking treasure.

She's in the shop and ready for a new home now :-)