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Friday, 10 October 2014

Oriental Black and Red - Stunning Art Deco Sideboard

Black and red can work really well - it's pretty daring... I just had to do it with this piece of Art Deco.  Look at that fluffy cloud mirror and those amazing feet!

First of all, I stripped off all the hardware (lovely chrome and bakelite handles), removed the mirror and then painted it all over with a couple of coats of red chalk paint.

Wow!  I could have stayed with that red!  I was tempted.  But I had some other ideas so that's when I added black chalk paint.

It's red inside, outside I've painted black over red with a few peeks of red left unpainted.

I've lightly sanded some of the wood to more chinks of red to show through and have used silver wax to bring through that stunning Art Deco waterfall design in the woodwork.

mmmm it's got that oriental Deco feel now.

The black paint has been finished with clear wax.  It softly reflects the light from the mirror and seals and protects the colours.

Here she is finished in the shop.  I need to get some more shots with better lighting - so pop back in a day or so for more photos.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Meet Ruby - Jazzy Cocktail Cabinet Refurb

Ohhhh, I do love to get dramatic and this wonderful Cocktail Cabinet gave me such an opportunity!

Next time you see brown, dull and done-for furniture DO NOT GIVE UP!  .. Here's what was delivered to the shop....

The glass has been separated and is wrapped up on top, but SERIOUSLY... black and white check backing paper???  Who would have thought? A bit too masculine?  Huh, time for a gender-change!

This is a beautiful and interesting piece of furniture.  The red, gold and silver combo on the original piece  was a bit of a challenge but this is what I did...

I painted all over with Autentico's Nearly Black chalk paint and painted the inside of the lower cabinet with Red - fittingly, this is called Ruby (baby).  I used a matching the gold gilding for the cabinet and left all of the bottom cabinet black, but put some sneaky silver gilding on the rims of the doors, et Voila!!

Lovely claw and ball-foot tootsies here.  This cabinet is step-ping out!

No more hiding in the corner for Ruby!  So when do you think she was originally made? Art Deco?

When I first saw her, I thought 1930s but noooo, 1960s!  The British Safety Kite is there.

I just love that jazzy silver-work on the doors :-)

I kept trying to get a pic that worked with the lighting...

It doesn't matter, she'll light up your room day and night.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mid Century Chest Of Drawers - with laugh handles

Yup, I really do love these colours together on a piece of 1960s furniture.  A trio of Autentico Chalk Paints; Antique Turquoise, Nearly Black and Milk.

What I didn't do was take a before pic - but these drawers were in great condition, just a few marks to the top and side.

Those cute little handles look like they're laughing - sooo happy!

Just a really nice little set finished with a wax varnish to protect.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mr Chippy - Retro Telephone Table

Have you seen these cute telephone tables around? I've really enjoyed the refurbishing of this little fella.

Straight out of the '60s - 'Chippy' tables.  Wonderful design pieces made with a teak veneer - and here he is before I started any work.

All very Mad Men.  Perch yourself on the side with your gin, cigarette and stilettos... the telephone directory is in the cubby space (with magnetic snap close).  Pull the leaf at the top and you get a shelf to write telephone numbers on.  Forget backing up the mobile phone - get a landline baby!

Everything's been thought of - there's a groove for a pencil above where you jot down your notes and important numbers onto the hard melamine surface and use an eraser to remove.  I painted the top in Autentico's Nearly Black and sealed with a clear Wax Varnish.

The drop down drawer has been painted in Antique Turquoise - love that colour - look at that lovely seat design - beautiful :-)

I could have recovered the seat, but it's in great shape.   When everything was unscrewed  the seat was taken off and the PVC was given an almighty clean.. I just love those retro colours - cream, black and turquoise with the original teak.  Wow.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nice leg candy! Refurbished Console Table

I picked up this old piece of furniture this week - the owners described it as a wash stand - I was drawn to the attractive leg candy and drawer design!  Would make a lovely console table.

Here's how she looked before:

Very old and brown with lots of dings and scratches accumulated over the years.

Originally  there were two drawer pulls on each drawer which have been replaced with these half-moon handles.

Nice barley twist legs though - they look fantastic painted and waxed!

The whole piece has been painted in Autentico Nearly Black and finished with Black Chalk Wax.

The handles have been changed back two per drawer. Simple white ceramic hardware that doesn't detract from the lovely design of the drawers.

Here she is in the shop - looking very cool and sophisticated.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Five Shades of Grey - Chest of Drawers Retro Refurb

OK, I know as a title it's now a bit of a cliche, but couldn't resist!  I picked up this really neat little chest of drawers recently.

These pieces of 1960s teak furniture are great to work with.  I just love those spikey little legs.  Here's how she looked before the refurb.

She's in great condition - a shame one of the daisy designed handles was missing as they could have been given a new life here.

I took two paint colours - Roman White and Nearly Black and colour mixed until I got the shades I wanted and then sealed everything with a couple of coats of clear wax.

This piece could be dressed up to be very dramatic and would look great in any room.

The new handles have been painted and blend in beautifully without interrupting the impact of five shades.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Black and Cream 1940s Dresser Refurb

Well it's been a good week, the sun has shown itself between hailstones and high winds and I got to work on a really nice chest of drawers with three mirrors.  A compact piece, with some cute little brass handles.  Here's the reveal...

And here's how it unfolded...

So this nice piece of 1940 bedroom furniture was quite plain but had potential - the three mirrors are mounted onto solid wood and the drawers are nice and easy to open and close.

The brass handles are just perfect.

No need to repair any parts - just some nasty scratches to be taken care of in the refurb process.

I gave it a couple of coats of Autentico's Paris White - a yummy 'vanilla ice cream' white.

And painted the drawers.  I left the handles on and gave them a coat of paint with the aim of waxing back the cover to highlight the design. 

I thought it might look good enough plain and went the whole hog, painting the back and mirrors, waxing all over with a clear wax and shabbying up the paint a little.  But it was no good, just too plain!!

After a stroll in the park I was so happy to see the snowdrops and crocus flower were announcing spring :-)

I went back to work with Autentico's Nearly Black and gave the drawers some gold bling along the top.

The handles have been waxed and rubbed to bring out the pattern in the brass.

I left the shabby look to the drawers and gave the black paint a couple of coats of clear wax to seal and protect.  It leaves a lovely soft sheen.

I took the black down the sides and left the back and mirror coloured Paris White.

All finished, looking gooooooood.