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Sunday, 8 September 2013

1940s Dressing Table - Graphite and Emperor Red

Here's this week's story of a 1940's dressing table I've re-furbed.

First thing I thought when I saw it for sale was I really liked that lovely 1940s shape.

Remind me to take the pictures - I'd unscrewed the mirror posts so I didn't do the full "before" picture.  Anyway - here she is, love those big box drawers and cabriole leggies.

 I bought this Emperor Silk red Chalk Paint and just think that Japanese look of black with red flashings...

Meanwhile, I spotted the local Heron while I was out on my river walk this weekend.  Kind of gets into this week's japanese theme.  Not a crane - but nor bad for a river safari.

So first of all, I'm painting the insides of the drawers in that lovely rich red... it's got a kind of blue to it rather than the orange red.

Next I painted graphite all over, waxed and finished with gold handles.

Here's the first glimpse of the drawers opening - I put gold around the tops.

I think it works really well...

Here's some more pics from the river to finish off :-)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Graphite Lamp Table with Arles Chalk Paint

I am now officially mad - about Graphite Chalk Paint.

I picked up a rather plain, solid wood table this week and had been thinking about whether to paint it one colour and just enjoy the pedestal shape in the plain or try a bit of two-tone.

I just feel inspired by my walks.  This tree... there's something really feminine about it don't you think? Two-tone black and white?  No?

Anyway, this is the table in it's original incarnation.

And this... this is Arles Chalk Paint... yummy golden colour like honeycomb.

So I got to work giving the table one coat of Arles.

And then covered again with a coat of Graphite Chalk Paint.  It was really satisfying - the the way the black paint just connected with the undercoat.

This is how things looked when the Graphite dried - like a blackboard - a dull charcoal colour.

But once the clear wax was applied and buffed up - what a difference!

Yup, I love that two tone effect - straight out of my walks by the river.

After the rain - with no colour enhancement - amazing.

Anyway, back to the table - the two tones of gold and black are just made for each other.

I have to say, it really does work well.

That beautiful dark graphite colour is now a firm favourite of mine - I have a dressing table on stand by for my next project...

Have a great week :-)