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Sunday, 12 January 2014

You can't have too much grey in winter!

I love the way grey and and white work together.  I've put together a few separate pieces I've picked up to make a set.

Here they are when I was ready to start.

A wooden mirror and small lamp table - or plant stand - and a brass lamp stand.  All quite traditional.

The mirror had a nice flower design and like the table had a bit of carving along the edges.

I gave the lamp a dusting of Roman White chalk paint and started work on the table and mirror with French Linen and Original.  It's a deeper grey than Paris Grey and is just beautiful with White.

I put shabby white detail under the rim of the table and down the curvy legs and just a bit of white onto the mirror.

It's pretty grey outside, but found my beautiful grey and white heron on the river.

I love these finished pieces, simple and chic.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Large Coffee Table with Stencil

This is a quick story - have to run and watch the Gentlemen's Finals at Wimbledon... on a large TV with friends, fizz and strawberries - come on Andy!!!

This large, solid wood coffee table was being discarded - such a shame, I thought it would look good refurbed with a stencil design.  Here's the REVEAL shot.

Here's the before...

The varnish was quite damaged.  I'm often asked if chalk paint will chip.  Well here's the proof, any surface will wear after use regardless of the finish, so use casters under cups, glasses and hot plates.

I lightly sanded a couple of places to remove some raised bits.

The condition of the wood is good though - just need a quick clean and then got to it with Old White all over and the top with French Linen Chalk Paint.

This is how the colours look before waxing all over with Clear Wax.

I used a stencil twice in a mirror image.  I thought I'd keep this one simple.

This is how fully waxed finished version looks - I really do need to get my camera sorted out and stop using the iphone!!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Return of the Claw and Ball Foot Table

One of my earlier pieces was a claw and ball foot table that I painted in lightened duck egg blue chalk paint.

Remember me???  Too much of My Big Fat Greek Wedding... You can see the original make-over here Claw and Ball Foot Table  

Well, I just wasn't happy with it and I have been going backwards and forwards trying to create something I feel is right for the table.

So here it is again - what I decided to do was paint over the Duck Egg Blue with French Linen Chalk Paint.

I have done A LOT of distressing to this piece.  If you don't like it - LOOK AWAY NOW! This post contains graphic images that some people may find disturbing...

So anyhoo, I've worked through the colours, sanding away to get show through from the original wood and layers of chalk paint.

I really love the character of this table and am looking for a lamp that will compliment it's new look.

The carved areas at the top of the legs and side of the table has Old White Chalk Paint added, again it's been treated in quite a rough way, but I really do think this table suits the harsh-shabby look.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Coffee Table in Paris Grey

Here's a coffee table story - starting with the REVEAL.

I often see these tables and look out for anything with an interesting bit of carving - here's the BEFORE pic.

 Nice legs with lots of carving - a bit of the damage to repair...

There were a couple of cracks to fill in above the leg and on the rim of the table.

 Originally, this would have been a very grand table to have your afternoon cup of tea and slice of cake from.  The walnut veneer is quite damaged now, but not chipped - so perfect for a refurb.

My original idea was to do lots of distressing BUT when I did that, I checked with a bit of clear wax and felt it was just too much for this little piece.

 So I washed all the distressed parts with some Paris Grey to tone things down a bit, which works a lot better.

 I added the Paris Grey Wash over the top of the table too.

 So now the shabby, distressed look is much softer and I think works.

 I'm pleased with the final look, the whole table has been sealed with clear wax now.  Oh, the weather is rotten today... it might still be cold and wet outside but it's Paris inside!!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Two little orphans - part 1

So there I was taking Fifi for a walk and I spot two abandoned tables... Poor wee things!

I had a good think as I stood over them, hmmm were they too far gone?  I went and got my car, threw them in the back and took them home for a wash and scrub up.

Here's orphan table 1 - nice little cabriole legs - but has been well and truly knocked around.

After filling in a few splits in the wood and a bit of sanding I got to work.

A couple of coats of French Linen with some Old White around the edge, some light sanding, finishing with clear wax, ET VOILA!  Cute eh?

When you add wax to chalk paint, the colour soaks up the wax and the colour can darken quite a bit, the combination of the grey and white with the shabby finish looked stunning!

No longer the abandoned street kid.

Quite French and fancy in fact.

Fifi has given her approval too.

 Next - orphan number two...