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Saturday, 29 August 2015

1950s French Style Dressing Table Set Painted in Cream

I ran into this wonderful 1950s Dressing Table set recently and was really excited about giving her the revamp treatment.

Here's a quick look at the 'before' pic when she arrived - outside the shop.  This set was originally painted in a cream paint with silver handles.

There's been quite a lot of wear and tear and she just looks grubby - but hey, don't you love that princess mirror?

Close up there's quite a few dings and discolouration's set in, but she's really solid and in great condition otherwise.  I painted her all over in a lovely vanilla cream colour from Autentico called Paris White.

There are three drawers - there's one in the middle too.  When I took this photo I was nearly finished.  One of the GREAT things about these dressing tables is you can often discard the mirror and just create a really wonderful work desk.

After painted and waxing - with clear wax, I went to work with some custom gilding wax I made up in an antique gold.  I kept things simple, just drawing out the curves and little flourishes on the legs...

 ...and enjoyed getting her boots on.

The two drawer handles have been refurbed in the same colours with gilding.

With some polishing, the shine is beginning to come through on the waxed top.

A little bit of gilding added to the mirror struts.

Of course she sold as I was finishing her up - the customer's buying her own choice of fabric and then I'll recover the seat... I'll put the final pic up once that's done.

I just loooooove these kidney-shaped dressing tables!!!

This is where I usually say - in the shop and ready for sale now - but she's been snapped up already.
I hope to have another one in soon though.  Keep an eye on my Facebook page, I often post furniture that can be custom painted.  You pick the colour(s) and finish and I'll deliver.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Painting with White and Turquoise Chalk Paint

These are currently my favourite colours... white and turquoise, here's how I've been using them on antique lamps, a chair and mirrors.

These huge, antique lamps are in the shop now and are just stunning.

I just finished this chair - painting and shabbying works really well on dark wood, I enjoyed bringing through the chair design.  The seat has been recovered in a French linen fabric.

Well who can resist large shabby mirrors?  They brighten up rooms and hallways and look good against any colour, even white on white.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Paris Grey painted chest of drawers

Actually, this is not JUST a chest of drawers story.  I've just finished refurbing a chest of drawers and a customer asked me to do the same finish on a chair and some small tables.

Here's the chest of drawers in the incarnation before... well made, but looking really quite dated from the 1980s.

 Oh my goodness, don't things looks so different in the sun?

I've painted everything all over in Foggy Venice chalk paint - which is a light 'Paris' grey.  That includes the handles, then I sealed and finished everything with white chalk wax.  The 'limed' finish has been a real favourite this year.

I gave this brown chair the same treatment...

Completely different design of legs - but the white chalk wax looks so great on any carved work.

There were some old brown tables that got the same finish - they're all going out of the workshop straight into a newly decorated room... would be nice to see them all at home together :-)

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Black Chalk Wax

I've been meaning to do a story of black chalk wax.  I've been using it quite a lot lately and now customers are using it regularly in workshops.  Gail picked up this chair which had been totally abandoned - she saw the potential :-)

The seat frame was there and a kind hubby glued everything together.

Here's the amazing 'after'.  Gail painted the chair in Foggy Venice - a light grey chalk paint.  Then used clear and black waxes to bring out the design.  She covered the seat in Harris Tweed which she'd bought when she visited the Hebrides.  Look at those lovely knees below his kilt!!

Black wax is easy to use and can create a stunning effect.  This mirror has been painted and and waxed in the same colours as Gail used...

And so has this desk - yes we're loving the black wax!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Painted Rocking Chairs and Jewellery Case

Here's a couple of short stories - first of all, I've painted two rocking chairs for a customer.

This large pine one has been painted in Autentico's 'Troubled Water' or Duck Egg chalk paint.

A subtle addition of gold wax has been added to the carved design and other area of the chair, so pretty!

There's a new baby in the house, so mummy sits rocking the baby to sleep.  Meanwhile little sister saw the chair going for painting and wanted her rocking chair painted too!! Here it is in Roman White.  Mummy bear and baby bear rockers :-)

A client dropped this off for me wondering if I'd like to use it.  YES PLEASE!!! How thoughtful :-)
Do you remember these school key cupboards?  This has still got all the room numbers added... and when you open it... wow - it SMELLS of school, so funny!

Well it's been painted, shabbied up and had a new handle added (Roman White chalk paint).  It's now going to be the necklace/ vintage jewellery cabinet - more pics on that soon x

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Snippet on "Lusty" Lloyd Loom

I just thought I'd drop this in - I've had some original Lloyd Loom chairs at the shop... how times change, could you imagine calling a line of chairs "Lusty" these days?

I recovered the seat with the French Macaroon fabric I love so much - but left the original colour and gold spray. It's going to a teenager's room so it's now destined to be recovered in skulls... probably re-sprayed black.. I hope I see a pic of it finished!!!

This gold chair isn't Lusty or Lloyd Loom, but cute eh?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April Workshops - Painted Chairs and Clocks

Well Easter and all that lovely warm weather is now a memory blip :-0

But there's been a few workshops going on at the Chateau... Here's some pics to share:

This lovely clock was simply an old brown thing... loved in the family... but now it is just stunning!  Painted in Antentico's Gers Blu and finished with clear wax and some Antique Gold.  A beautiful 'Wedgewood' look.

This really was a fab transformation, any of the old brass and carved relief along the bottom was just lost in the old brown veneer.

Talking of memory blips, I'm having a terrible time remembering to take the before pic actually BEFORE we start.  Please do remind me!

This chair was took three hours from start to finish - we used Autentico's "Lemon" chalk paint - yes, that's the lime colour (really) for an all over coat or two.

And then did lots of work with dark brown and clear wax to get the right shade and shabby look.

So this table and chairs set - originally from Pier - was going up for sale on Gumtree but now has been completely re-invented and re-loved.  I'm looking forward to sharing the finished pics when they're ready.

Great job ladies!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bergere Chairs - painted with Autentico Chalk Paint

I picked up some VERY old carved and woven Bergere chairs last week.  Here's a peek before any painting took place.  I have no idea what the wood is, maybe mahogany...

Four of the chairs are in good condition.  One needs some work and one is done in... I think someone must have picked it up by the legs, thrown it at the wall and then tried to glue it together again.  Well that Humpty Dumpty is too far gone - so I'll use it in the ChouChou painting classes.

The chairs are wonderfully carved all over, there are two different central images.  One's male and one female.  The seats are woven reed and pegged into place - and in great condition.

So to date, I've dry-brushed one with Autentico's Foggy Venice - I know, I know, there's 130 colours in Autentico's palette and I keep defaulting to that grey lately.  But  in my defence, it's such a soft grey, it looks wonderful against dark wood.

Here's how it looks when the chair's been softly dry-brushed all over.  I've been careful to ensure all the carving is highlighted.

The carved portrait is stunning now. All the paintwork has been sealed and protected with a clear wax.

Lovely legs :-)

I'm thinking of painting each one a different colour - any suggestions?  I think light colours; plummy, blues, yellows????

I looooove the before and after.

Here's another chair which has been dry-brushed in Autentico's Crete Blue.