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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Steampunk Red and Black Painted Cabinet

If you've lived in Glasgow a few years, you'll remember Backstreet Pine at Kelvinbridge... I know this piece was originally bought there about 20 years ago and I'm sure I'm going to get more.

This is a really big TV unit - cupboard at the top 2 x drawers at the bottom and made of solid pine.  My customer told me she was sick of the orange pine messing up her lovely lounge design, so time for a change!

I painted all over - inside and out in Autentico's Passion Red chalk paint.  The inside is then coated with Autentico's sealer so that it can be used without the very dry chalk paint rubbing onto anything.

Then I used a couple of coats of Nocturnal and went aerobic with hand sanding to break through the black into the red underneath.

This was a commission and my customer was really keen for for this to look good and shabby. It's looking pretty Steampunk!

The heavy black iron handles have been left and give it bit of an industrial macho finish.

The outside's been given a couple of coats of clear wax to seal and protect.  You can still see the grain of the wood... feels great when you run your hand over the surface.

Iove it, my customer loves it - all's right in the world of ChouChou this week :-)

Even the sunset outside the shop was stunning tonight.

I really enjoyed working on this and look forward to seeing it back at it's home.

Friday, 15 August 2014

French Cupboard - painted Grey and Lime Green

I walked into one of the shops I was scouting around for furniture and stopped in my tracks!  Sometimes you see something that's just such an exciting project - and I love this French looking cupboard.

It's much larger than a bedside cabinet... Here's a peek at the 'before' when it arrived in the workshop.  Slightly banged about from use but has a really nice oak grain - and still has the original key.  I wanted to create quite a dramatic look.

I opted for Autentico's 'Paris grey' chalk paint which is called Foggy Venice.  And then went to work with white wax to bring out the grain.

Those cute handles have been refurbed with grey paint and silver gilding.

And inside, to give a really FRESH apple lift, I've used Autentico's Lime chalk paint.

The basked of fruit has been highlighted with the white wax.. I really love the soft peachy look its got now.

All the carving on the front has been buffed up to add more dimension.  I took a few pics in the shop - this one with the light on...

Light off...

It would look stunning in a small entrance hall, there's just about the right amount storage space, two shelves and one drawer :-)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Duck Egg Blue and Gold - Cabinet Transformations

I've been working on two cabinets - here's the REVEAL of how one of them looks in the shop window.

Here's the BEFORE pic.

Originally a dark wood and Indonesian looking.  All the hardware's been removed, it had the 'rusty' look - very 1980s.

I chose Autentico's 'Troubled Waters' chalk paint for this one, which is a 'duck egg blue' colour.  I gave a few coats all over - this is the colour when dried and before any waxing - quite a lot lighter.

This is cabinet 2 after waxing with clear wax and some gold wax.  The Duck Egg colour has darkened and the gold glints from the surface.  Both cabinets are exactly the same colour - it goes to show the difference it makes when I can get into full daylight with the camera!

The gold wax has been rubbed into the clear wax before it dried and the replacement handles have been gilded with the same Antique Gold.

I also did some light sanding before waxing to bring through the dark wood.

I love this colour combination - it has the WOW factor :-)