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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Painted Arts & Crafts Dresser and Wardrobe - white chalk paint

I was really excited when a customer asked me to paint their dresser and wardrobe in Roman White (an antique white) chalk paint.  Then I saw the pics - and these pieces are the most beautiful Arts and Crafts design.

The Glasgow Arts and Crafts movement occurred in the late 1880s, there's a bit of background info here. Some of the furniture from this period was painted white, so this was a great opportunity to see a before and after.  Here's the dressing table after it's been painted white...

Oh, apologies for the photo - heavy rain outside...  I've taken some picks of the design for a bit of style worship :-)

These brass handles are just divine!

The mirror and wardrobe 'roofs' match with these decorative little gable ends.

There's just so much work across all the surfaces.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a famous architect and designer who springs to mind when I think of white painted furniture.  He combined soft curves and floral accents into his designs.

I managed to get a pic of the wardrobe outside.  One large drawer at the bottom, and check those feet...

The floral design's taken into the leaded glass panels.

All the surfaces have been painted using Autentico's Roman White Chalk paint and waxes.  You can still see the grain in the oak.  A really lovely finish.  Client's happy, I'm happy, yay!!!

Friday, 28 February 2014

Oak Chest of Drawers - painted grey with chalk paint

When I saw this chest of drawers, I was drawn to the beautiful wood and Art Nouveau handles.  Starting with how things finished - here's how it looks at the shop.

And here's how things started out.  The chest is heavy polished solid oak - beautiful wood.

However there have been some changes - originally, it would have had a mirror and some small shelves fitted to the top.  These have been removed, I bet they were beautifully carved, maybe the mirror was salvaged and now hangs on someone's wall...

The sides have taken some knocks too along the way.

But look at those fantastic Arts and Crafts handles, all perfect condition - aren't they beautiful?

 I filled in and sanded all the damage and got to work using Autentico chalk paint in Loft colour.  Painting the whole shell and finished with clear wax and a sealer to the top to protect, leaving a soft shine.

It really accentuates the shape of the carved wood and leaves the warmth of the oak.  The drawers have been polished up and put back into the unit.

Ready for a new home - a lot of admiration from men so far, must be quite a masculine piece :-)