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Monday, 10 November 2014

Antique Turquoise Chalk Paint Mirrors

Turquoise is a very popular colour - here's a couple of mirrors that have been given a chalk paint do-over.

I see quite a few of these convex plaster mirrors - they're great for a shabby-job.  This one's been painted with a mix of Autentico's two chalk paints - Antique Turquoise and Troubled Waters - then once dry, the antique gold from the mirror's been rubbed through.

This second mirror has been salvaged from an old dresser.  Painted in an undercoat of red chalk paint, Antique Turquoise has been added over the top.  

A nice oval mirror with some patina that adds beautifully to the overall look.

With a little light sanding, the red comes through, would look lovely in a decorative hall of mirrors.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Boho-Chic Chest of Drawers

Post-Referendum Blues here in Glasgow today... everyone seems tired and sombre.  Best time to be colourful and brighten things up I guess!!

Just look at this poor wee chest of drawers... really not much going on BUT it is quite old from the turn of last century.  The handles are really wonderful jazzy Deco and the drawers and sold oak in good condition.  So brown it's doooowwwnnnn....

OK - time for change! Here's what I did - after removing the hardware and cleaning up all the woodwork, I painted all over with an Antique Turquoise chalk paint.  Uplifting blues.

I stenciled the top with some white and cream cherry blossom (more chalk paint).

And went slightly bonkers with the gold wax.  Then I got some sandpaper and worked some of the paint and gold away to get an antiqued shabby look, letting the dark wood show through.  Finishing and sealing the turquoise surfaces with clear wax for a soft sheen.

Aren't these handles gorgeous?  I painted them with the same blue and added gold wax to bring out the design.

Now Boho-Chic - and would make a great little chest for a hallway.

Finally, I added some gold around the tops of the drawers.  All done! :-)

What do you think?  Cute?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Chippy, Shabby, Antique Mahogany Painted Chest of Drawers

I forgot to take a before picture!! Oh never mind, here's the story so far...

This is a HUGE, antique mahogany chest of drawers, he weighs a ton - a friend has named him 'the beast'.  Well OK, he's looking more friendly now with a coat of paint!

I wanted to make him more distressed than my usual level of shabbying up.  The dark mahogany of the antique wood was just so dark, rich and generally gorgeous.

I mixed a custom colour - Duck Egg was too green and Antique Turquoise too bright, so I got the colour I wanted somewhere in the middle.  He's been painted all over with a couple of coats and then some really scratchy work was done with sandpaper - looks more chippy.

The original handles were a disappointing brass replacement.  Originally, the handles would have been large wooden 'buttons' and I've changed them back to glass buttons with antique hardware.  Don't you love those legs???

The grain inside the drawers is really strong, so I've painted in a very neutral colour of cream and left them shabby too - but uplifted.

I'm going to miss him when he's gone.  He's had a liberal dose of clear wax all over to create a soft shine and a small amount of dark wax added just to antique up a little bit - here and there...

A really amazing piece of furniture, full of character - I just love him to bits :-)

Friday, 29 August 2014

Fabulous Ornate Mirrors

I love to get the colour out...  Here's some really beautiful mid-century mirrors that have been painted using Autentico's Vintage chalk paints.

This floral mirror is made of plaster and has been painted with Heliotrope chalk paint - a strong magenta colour that still has hints of the original gold coming through.

Here I've used Antique Turquoise chalk paint, love it :-)

So what do you want - blue or pink?  I'll be using more colours as I find the mirrors that's for sure!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cosmic Silver Painted Bedside Cabinets

These little bedside cabinets are so precious!

I've refurbed a very similar set before - they're typical 1950s design and are wonderful solid pieces with cabriole legs, a single draw and the best feature - drop down table fronts with shelving inside.

I used a different colour scheme and finish inside with these one, you can see the other refurb story here

I got these for a customer who had bought a silver chest of drawers (story here)
They've been painted in the same colours - all over in Autentico's 'Foggy Venice' chalk paint and inside with Antique Turquoise.

After a few coats and smooth finish, a few coats of silver wax has been added.

These cabinets are slightly different to the previous refurb as they have a hard, wipe clean surface inside.  They're such a great design, if you pull the front of the cabinet down you have a place to put your morning cuppa...

The handles have been changed to sparkly crystal - these reflect the light and throw tiny rainbows around the room when the sun shines - which it continues to do... :-)

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Romantic Painted Dressing Table - White, Grey and Silver

I loooove refurbing these romantic dressing tables...  this one's around sixty years old.  She's been given a full make-over using white and grey chalk paints with gilt silver flashes and a peek of colour on the inside.

Here's how she started out... can you imagine sitting and working on your beehive hair doo?

OK, so brown walnut veneer, lovely curvy Cabriole legs and a very pretty three piece mirror.  There's a glass top too which is in great condition.

Everything was removed in the workshop and the paint plan started - lots of white, grey top and grey lines to break up the drawers and define the serpentine shape.

The handles are in excellent condition and the ornate brass has been refurbed with silver gilding.

There's no brown to be seen now! The mirrors have been painted and gilded along with the small mirror clips.

And she's got her sexy silver ankle boot on too :-)

The insides of the drawers are painted Antique Turquoise - the Louis style serpentine shape of this piece is just soooo romantic.

Here's the dressing table with the glass top on - clear glass protecting the grey surface and lifting the white.  A glass top is perfect for a dressing table, no chance of ruining the varnish with perfumes or make up.

And the full shot in the shop - ain't she a beauty?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rivington 1950s Pop-Out Cocktail Cabinet

This is a great little cocktail bar...

Made by Rivington in the 1950s - this label's on the back.

It has lots of wonderful features, the chrome citrus press and little cocktail sticks are still intact.

I've painted it all over in just one colour - Autentico's Antique Turquoise and given the inside, bottom shelving some Nocturnal (black) coats.

This is such a fun piece - the bar pops out when you open the box at the top. - the gold glass inside is full of fabulous 1950s design.  The original lighting is still there, I'll be looking into getting it rewired but currently selling as it is.

I just love the shape and design of this and it's in such fantastic condition.

The whole bar has been given a coat of protective wax varnish to finish... martini time :-)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mid Century Chest Of Drawers - with laugh handles

Yup, I really do love these colours together on a piece of 1960s furniture.  A trio of Autentico Chalk Paints; Antique Turquoise, Nearly Black and Milk.

What I didn't do was take a before pic - but these drawers were in great condition, just a few marks to the top and side.

Those cute little handles look like they're laughing - sooo happy!

Just a really nice little set finished with a wax varnish to protect.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mr Chippy - Retro Telephone Table

Have you seen these cute telephone tables around? I've really enjoyed the refurbishing of this little fella.

Straight out of the '60s - 'Chippy' tables.  Wonderful design pieces made with a teak veneer - and here he is before I started any work.

All very Mad Men.  Perch yourself on the side with your gin, cigarette and stilettos... the telephone directory is in the cubby space (with magnetic snap close).  Pull the leaf at the top and you get a shelf to write telephone numbers on.  Forget backing up the mobile phone - get a landline baby!

Everything's been thought of - there's a groove for a pencil above where you jot down your notes and important numbers onto the hard melamine surface and use an eraser to remove.  I painted the top in Autentico's Nearly Black and sealed with a clear Wax Varnish.

The drop down drawer has been painted in Antique Turquoise - love that colour - look at that lovely seat design - beautiful :-)

I could have recovered the seat, but it's in great shape.   When everything was unscrewed  the seat was taken off and the PVC was given an almighty clean.. I just love those retro colours - cream, black and turquoise with the original teak.  Wow.