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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Meet Ruby - Jazzy Cocktail Cabinet Refurb

Ohhhh, I do love to get dramatic and this wonderful Cocktail Cabinet gave me such an opportunity!

Next time you see brown, dull and done-for furniture DO NOT GIVE UP!  .. Here's what was delivered to the shop....

The glass has been separated and is wrapped up on top, but SERIOUSLY... black and white check backing paper???  Who would have thought? A bit too masculine?  Huh, time for a gender-change!

This is a beautiful and interesting piece of furniture.  The red, gold and silver combo on the original piece  was a bit of a challenge but this is what I did...

I painted all over with Autentico's Nearly Black chalk paint and painted the inside of the lower cabinet with Red - fittingly, this is called Ruby (baby).  I used a matching the gold gilding for the cabinet and left all of the bottom cabinet black, but put some sneaky silver gilding on the rims of the doors, et Voila!!

Lovely claw and ball-foot tootsies here.  This cabinet is step-ping out!

No more hiding in the corner for Ruby!  So when do you think she was originally made? Art Deco?

When I first saw her, I thought 1930s but noooo, 1960s!  The British Safety Kite is there.

I just love that jazzy silver-work on the doors :-)

I kept trying to get a pic that worked with the lighting...

It doesn't matter, she'll light up your room day and night.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Maleficent - Mirror Collection

Great name - and really do think I'll look forward to seeing Angelina play the part... meanwhile WHAT do you think of this incredible mirror I picked up?  Original 1950/60s and in perfect condition.  Hmmm mirror, mirror...

I've also got an number of other great retro, Victorian and Art Deco mirrors in stock - here's a quick look at some.

The largest mirror is a Victorian over-mantle and has some beautiful design.

This one's in the window - very flamboyant :-)

Monday, 5 May 2014

Dressing Table and Wardrobe Duo

I've just finished working on a couple of pieces for a customer.  The beautiful dressing table was painted all over some time ago in a white emulsion.  So I needed to get rid of all the bad paint, drips, tannin stains and flaking before giving it a new look.

The request was for Roman White and Foggy Venice chalk paint - everyone loves the combination of those colours.

The single door wardrobe looms over the dressing table and needed to have a matching paint job so the two pieces could go together into the guest room.

The hardware was changed for something a little prettier and the key and keyhole and hinges were given the gold leaf treatment.

Once finished, both pieces were given a wax varnish to protect the surfaces.

Although the wardrobe is quite plain, it's got enough white to uplift a room and not overwhelm the dressing table.

They look like a cute couple now!

I accentuated some of the design that had been lost in the emulsion white-out by dry brushing.

Part of the tops and the drawers were painted in the grey to bring out the shapes and give more definition to the pattern.

Really difficult to get the two pieces together in the shop - I'll update as soon as I can move things around... and hopefully get a pic in their new home later in the month.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mid Century Chest Of Drawers - with laugh handles

Yup, I really do love these colours together on a piece of 1960s furniture.  A trio of Autentico Chalk Paints; Antique Turquoise, Nearly Black and Milk.

What I didn't do was take a before pic - but these drawers were in great condition, just a few marks to the top and side.

Those cute little handles look like they're laughing - sooo happy!

Just a really nice little set finished with a wax varnish to protect.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mr Chippy - Retro Telephone Table

Have you seen these cute telephone tables around? I've really enjoyed the refurbishing of this little fella.

Straight out of the '60s - 'Chippy' tables.  Wonderful design pieces made with a teak veneer - and here he is before I started any work.

All very Mad Men.  Perch yourself on the side with your gin, cigarette and stilettos... the telephone directory is in the cubby space (with magnetic snap close).  Pull the leaf at the top and you get a shelf to write telephone numbers on.  Forget backing up the mobile phone - get a landline baby!

Everything's been thought of - there's a groove for a pencil above where you jot down your notes and important numbers onto the hard melamine surface and use an eraser to remove.  I painted the top in Autentico's Nearly Black and sealed with a clear Wax Varnish.

The drop down drawer has been painted in Antique Turquoise - love that colour - look at that lovely seat design - beautiful :-)

I could have recovered the seat, but it's in great shape.   When everything was unscrewed  the seat was taken off and the PVC was given an almighty clean.. I just love those retro colours - cream, black and turquoise with the original teak.  Wow.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Five Shades of Grey - Chest of Drawers Retro Refurb

OK, I know as a title it's now a bit of a cliche, but couldn't resist!  I picked up this really neat little chest of drawers recently.

These pieces of 1960s teak furniture are great to work with.  I just love those spikey little legs.  Here's how she looked before the refurb.

She's in great condition - a shame one of the daisy designed handles was missing as they could have been given a new life here.

I took two paint colours - Roman White and Nearly Black and colour mixed until I got the shades I wanted and then sealed everything with a couple of coats of clear wax.

This piece could be dressed up to be very dramatic and would look great in any room.

The new handles have been painted and blend in beautifully without interrupting the impact of five shades.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Queen of Hearts - 1960s painted display cabinet

I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into the charity shop and saw this amazing glass display cabinet.  Just an incredible find and very unique - here's how she looks in the shop.

And this is how I found her...

She's got the 1960s Brit Licence Kitemark - great age provenance.

There are hearts everywhere :-)

I have spent a lot of time thinking about colours and in the end decided on a warm pink interior using Autentico's Purple rain and soft grey exterior - Foggy Venice chalk paints.

Luckily the original glass shelves are in fantastic order, after removing them I got to work on painting a couple coats on the inside.

I tried a few different handles and in the end opted to stay with the originals and gave them a silver refurb to match the silver heart on the glass.

She's a beauty... after one day in the window, I've already had three people pop in to admire her.

I think she'd be a superb cocktail cabinet!