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Sunday, 9 August 2015

1950s Stag Head Bedside Cabinets

There's a lot of yummy turquoise and stag head furniture going through the shop lately...

I had these two bedside cabinets for sale on my Facebook page (you can find it here) and my client asked me to paint them in Antique Turquoise paint and add stag head handles and gilding.  Well I'd love to!!!

Here's the before - standing outside the shop - a really nice pair of 1950s bedside cabinets.  In great condition and ready for a new look.

After the hardware's removed and a few coats of that lovely turquoise chalk paint, they were finished with clear wax to seal.

I added gilded iron stag head handles... and did extra gilding onto the doors and around the tops, sides and feet.

Two VERY cute bedside cabinets ready for their new home :-)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Dressing Table Painted Antique Turquoise

Hello!!  I'm just back from a WONDERFUL week off - I want to blog about that soon and share some lovely pics.  The shop's open again Saturday 13 June and here's a story for the week.

I try to pick these lovely Queen Anne dressing tables up when I see them.

This one was in excellent condition, with three suuuuper mirrors.

I decided to use a dark oak stain on the wooden top and seal with a clear varnish...

 ...and then concentrate of painting the lower half.

I used Antique Turquoise chalk paint and then added clear and dark wax to 'antique' the colour a little.

Before shabbying up.

I polished up the handles this time, leaving some natural patina and added some gilding to the tops of the drawers to match the colour of the brass handles.

And added boots for those curvy calves.

Looking goooooood and in the shop now :-)

Monday, 25 May 2015

Caribbean Blue - Statement Chest of Drawers

Well, if you read my last post, I'm still in HOLIDAY mode!  Still craving lots of sunny colour - I just finished this lovely little chest of drawers and I've booked a week away (hurruh!!) but more about that later...

Here's the before pic.  In really nice condition (apart from the scratches) and the handles are OK, but I wanted to make this a statement piece.

Once I got into the painting, I sanded and filled the holes for the drawer pulls and replaced them with these STUNNING stag heads.

Lots of comments from customers.

Actually - lots of comments about this colour generally! Here's a pic of one of my customers - she loves this colour blue and often wears it :-)

The chest of drawers was created using Antique Turquoise chalk paint, clear wax and gilding.

It sold straight away, and guess what?  My customer wasn't that keen on the handles, so they've been changed to the look she prefers.  There will be a RETURN of stag head very soon!!

So which handles do you prefer?  Stag heads or black ceramic pumpkins??

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Go Marrakech!! Pink and Gold Chest of Drawers

I think I must be CRAVING a holiday! I just painted this chest of drawers a lovely Moroccan pink colour and nearly got carried away adding all that gold to finish.  Every time I look at it I think how wonderful it would be to take a break in Marrakech right now...

It's all about colour for me at the moment, just look at these shoes hanging in a Souk :-D
Post Election blues??

Oh anyway - back to wood.  I was so happy when I found this piece of furniture. Yes, it's true.  Finding great furniture gives me a happy buzz. Anything with serpentine curves gets the thumbs up for my shop.

This is a super little chest of drawers - not only has it got the right curves, I noticed the legs had a kind of Eastern look to them.

I've been inspired!!  I mixed some Autentico chalk paints to make a custom colour.
If you're into furniture painting, these chalk paints are water-based and it's easy to mix them together and come up with something new,

The colours I mixed were Amethyst, Ruby and Heliotrope to create this 'Dragon Fruit' pink colour.  Here's the drawers once I painted a couple of coats all over.

Then I waxed the dry paint, firstly using a clear wax, followed by black wax to deepen the colour and add a bit of texture.  Buffed up the wax a bit for a shine too.

Finally I added that gilding.

The handles are very sweet, I painted and gilded these.

There's a shelf to pull out above the drawers... yup, GILDED!

Tops of the drawers?  You've guessed it, more bling.

Here's a pic in the shop - I painted an old mirror to match.

Lovely bevelling!

I just highlighted some of the existing design to bring out the glamour.

FABULOOOOOOUS... so now... where to book a holiday... thinking... hmmm...

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Very Vanilla - White Chalk Wax Armoire

I can't believe it's 12th March already!  Spring is here, the light is changing and everything is beginning to look bright again :-)  So time to DITCH the old brown look!

This lovely Armoire wardrobe is typical of 1950s design.  Great quality if you can find it, this one by local manufacturer, Beithcraft.

Armoires can turn into brilliant storage space for a children's room.

Two drawers below, then inside shelves and a hanging space - perfect!

I removed all the hardware and painted this one all over in Autentico's Paris White chalk paint.  It's a yummy, rich vanilla white.

Once dry a white chalk wax was added all over to give a subtle 'limed' French finish.  The drawer and cupboard edges have gold gilding.

The hardware's been changed to uplifting gold and crystal.

And the feet have been given a makeover too - just some wee gold slippers.

The vanilla and white wax look is so refreshing.

In the shop now... meanwhile out in the park, sun's shining, I had to take some snaps for you!

I've hardly been out with my camera at all this year - it's been very dark and rainy.

But now the sun's out, the skies are very bright blue.

Loving the gilded thistle on this lamp :-)

Bring out the bling Glasgow!!