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Friday, 20 June 2014

Cosmic Silver - Vintage Tallboy Chest of Drawers Refurb

I just love bringing in the bling, but I really didn't plan this - it just kind of happened!

I picked up this lovely tallboy chest of drawers - the simple design and chunky brass handles caught my eye.  Very brown, boring washed up otherwise though.  Here's the before... see what I mean?

I stripped off the hardware and painted him all over with a 'Paris grey' chalk paint which is called Foggy Venice in Autentico's Vintage range. I was thinking about using a white chalk paint to contrast the drawers or introduce faux panels.

But my eyes kept being drawn to the silver powder I've bought to mix with my finishing waxes. So I took a very bold step in another direction and mixed up a batch of silver and started layering over the grey.

Until I reached the silver depths of bling I was thinking of.

Ring-a-ding bling...

There's some delicate design across the top of this dresser - to me it says 'WOW-WOW-WOW'.

I thought about all the different things I could do with the handles and decided to go with silver gilding.

Then painted the insides of the drawers in Autentico's Antique Turquoise chalk paint.  Finally, the drawer tops are finished in a silver gilding.  The brown's been banished.

Here he is in the shop.  Wow, cosmic baby!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Six Clarice Cliff Dinner Plates

I've got a perfect set of six Clarice Cliff dinner plates at the shop.

The floral design is "Georgian Spray" on a rich cream background.
It's like a spray of flowers, on a flower, on a plate.

The printed backstamp and registration design date no 840076 dates these to circa 1943.  
they're like new with no crazing or marks and you can see the three stilt marks to the back (from the firing).

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Black and Cream 1940s Dresser Refurb

Well it's been a good week, the sun has shown itself between hailstones and high winds and I got to work on a really nice chest of drawers with three mirrors.  A compact piece, with some cute little brass handles.  Here's the reveal...

And here's how it unfolded...

So this nice piece of 1940 bedroom furniture was quite plain but had potential - the three mirrors are mounted onto solid wood and the drawers are nice and easy to open and close.

The brass handles are just perfect.

No need to repair any parts - just some nasty scratches to be taken care of in the refurb process.

I gave it a couple of coats of Autentico's Paris White - a yummy 'vanilla ice cream' white.

And painted the drawers.  I left the handles on and gave them a coat of paint with the aim of waxing back the cover to highlight the design. 

I thought it might look good enough plain and went the whole hog, painting the back and mirrors, waxing all over with a clear wax and shabbying up the paint a little.  But it was no good, just too plain!!

After a stroll in the park I was so happy to see the snowdrops and crocus flower were announcing spring :-)

I went back to work with Autentico's Nearly Black and gave the drawers some gold bling along the top.

The handles have been waxed and rubbed to bring out the pattern in the brass.

I left the shabby look to the drawers and gave the black paint a couple of coats of clear wax to seal and protect.  It leaves a lovely soft sheen.

I took the black down the sides and left the back and mirror coloured Paris White.

All finished, looking gooooooood.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chest of Drawers and Mirror in Duck Egg Blue

I picked up this chest of drawers and separately an old brown mantle mirror, but painted in the same colour they come together for a great look.

I did think long and hard about what colour to go with - pretty tempted by pink to tell you the truth!  But opted for a duck egg blue in the end.

The chest of drawers needed a bit of filling and sanding before I started to get the bumps and knocks out.  The handles are solid brass, but I decided to go for a complete refurb and will replace them.

So here's the first look after a couple of coats of paint.  There's hardly any sunlight at this time of year but the colour is quite good in the pic.  Shame I forgot to take a 'before' shot of the mirror.

After buffing up all over with clear wax, I added crystal pull handles.

Very pretty...

That mirror is really heavy by the way!

The mirror will hang separately on the wall above the dresser.

Looking very shabby chic!!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

1940s Dressing Table - Graphite and Emperor Red

Here's this week's story of a 1940's dressing table I've re-furbed.

First thing I thought when I saw it for sale was I really liked that lovely 1940s shape.

Remind me to take the pictures - I'd unscrewed the mirror posts so I didn't do the full "before" picture.  Anyway - here she is, love those big box drawers and cabriole leggies.

 I bought this Emperor Silk red Chalk Paint and just think that Japanese look of black with red flashings...

Meanwhile, I spotted the local Heron while I was out on my river walk this weekend.  Kind of gets into this week's japanese theme.  Not a crane - but nor bad for a river safari.

So first of all, I'm painting the insides of the drawers in that lovely rich red... it's got a kind of blue to it rather than the orange red.

Next I painted graphite all over, waxed and finished with gold handles.

Here's the first glimpse of the drawers opening - I put gold around the tops.

I think it works really well...

Here's some more pics from the river to finish off :-)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Return of the Claw and Ball Foot Table

One of my earlier pieces was a claw and ball foot table that I painted in lightened duck egg blue chalk paint.

Remember me???  Too much of My Big Fat Greek Wedding... You can see the original make-over here Claw and Ball Foot Table  

Well, I just wasn't happy with it and I have been going backwards and forwards trying to create something I feel is right for the table.

So here it is again - what I decided to do was paint over the Duck Egg Blue with French Linen Chalk Paint.

I have done A LOT of distressing to this piece.  If you don't like it - LOOK AWAY NOW! This post contains graphic images that some people may find disturbing...

So anyhoo, I've worked through the colours, sanding away to get show through from the original wood and layers of chalk paint.

I really love the character of this table and am looking for a lamp that will compliment it's new look.

The carved areas at the top of the legs and side of the table has Old White Chalk Paint added, again it's been treated in quite a rough way, but I really do think this table suits the harsh-shabby look.