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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Edwardian Dressing Table - Painted Grey and White

I found this lovely dressing table and after posting on my Facebook Page here I was commissioned to paint grey with white detail.

This is one of the pics I posted - everything very brown, the original handles have been replaced along the way... but just a really lovely design.

I painted her all over in a 'Paris' grey chalk paint (Foggy Venice from Autentico's range) and picked out the detail in Roman White.

Love the curly design :-)

The handles were replaced with white ceramic buttons.

And the insides painted in Purple Rain - another favourite pink colour from Autentico.  The rims of the drawers were gilded silver.

Love those legs - a lovely piece of furniture - now delivered to her new home where she's much admired by all :-)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Antique Bureau Refurb

I bought this stunning antique with the idea of totally renovating it to the point of removing all the art... before you scream I was only THINKING about it.

This is a before pic that shows the amount of wear and tear - real shabby chic and very popular for the day it was in the shop before being snapped up!

The insides were pretty shabby too :-)  The artwork was done in the 1920s by the wife of the General who presented it to her...  maybe so she could write to him frequently?  Romantic...

My client asked me to paint all over in dark grey and change the gold to silver but LEAVE all the lovely artwork.  So I did.

She's pretty cute now, all the old paint has been covered with a custom dark grey and sealed with a wax varnish.  The gilding has been changed to silver.

Additionally, the request was for light grey inside, so that was done with a silver inner drawer.

The single drawer was refurbed in the same grey, with silver gilded handles.

I hope I did the right thing - what do you think?

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Painted Chest of Drawers - Duck Egg Blue and Gold

I love it when I get the chance to source and create a piece of furniture for a client.  This very large and solid pine chest of drawers that has been customised to match two bedside cabinets.

Here's the two cabinets that were bought previously, you can see their before and after story here.

And here's the grand old Victorian chest of drawers in the workshop before any work is started.

The original handles would have been the round 'button' style made of wood but have been changed along the way.  Three of the handles are a beautiful and original brass Arts and Crafts design.

So all the handles have been taken off and the wood is starting to get cleaned and sanded to remove old lumps of varnish, fill in holes and make the surface ready for painting.

I've used the same chalk paint - duck egg blue - or in Autentico's range it's called Troubled Waters.

The chest and drawers have been painted all over. lightly sanded for a slightly shabby look and finished in clear wax.  Then wooden handles have been gilded in gold to match the bedside cabinets.

After waxing, gold wax is added to bring a shimmer to the surface of the paint.

Gold wax is on the insides of the drawers too.

I love the finished look - luckily my client does too!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Edwardian Dressing Table - Painted Duck Egg Blue

I've painted chests of drawers, cabinets, mirrors in this colour, but this is my first dressing table painted a 'duck egg blue' colour. in Autentico's Vintage Chalk Paint range, this is called 'Troubled Waters'.

I should have done it sooner - what a fabulous look!!  Here's how this piece looked before I started work.  Love the mirror, those wonderful jewellery drawers, legs with stilettoe wheels...

Just a lovely piece of furniture - but in need of a total overhaul.

After removing the hardware, I just gave a few coats all over. softly sanded away to shabby up and then used a clear wax to seal.  

The hardware was so pretty, I painted the brass handles in the same colour and then gilded over to bring out the design.

The tops of the drawers have been gilded with gold too.

The colour of the wood really sets of the duck egg.

I love the shape of the mirror - the supports at the side are so elegant.

So here she is in the shop.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Black, Gold and Blue - Chest of Drawers Refurb

Happy July!!  It's been hectic this week, as I've been working on a lot of commissions and am still trying to finish a dressing table... poor thing.  Meantime, here's a refurb I've just finished working on.

I do love my black and gold combi, but more about that later - here's the chest of drawers as I was starting work:

A really nice solid oak two over two set.  The front has a serpentine curve and the original handles have been replaced sometime along the way.  I took off the top two handles and was involved in a paint check before I realised I hadn't taken the before pic!!!

Something that's really interesting about the drawers is that they have little wooden wheels on the back. They run really smoothly, cool eh?

So after some filling in of unwanted drawer holes and a few dings to the top, I painted all over with Autentico chalk paint in the Nocturnal black colour.  Chalk paint is really matt when it dries, you have to be careful or it will pick up every little scuff and absorb anything.

There's some nice detail on the drawers, so it's been accentuated with an antique gold gilding that matches the gold on the handles - which have now been replaced and repositioned.

Gilding has been brushed over a few surfaces to draw out the design - it's quite subtle.

Loved gilding those chunky little feet though!

Everything's sealed with a wax varnish and the top has been given a few layers of gold wax to get a deep shine.

Inside the drawers are painted Gers Blu - a lovely contrast and bright surprise when you pull those ceramic pumpkin handles.

Quite a strong, masculine piece in the end...

Sold already and gone from the shop - good job I have photos!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer White and Greys - Dressing Tables

I have a number of white dressers and am currently using grey, silver and white chalk paints and waxes on dressing tables.

This shabby chic dresser has been painted all over in coats of Roman White chalk paint.  The handles are changed to crystal - so they create a lovely rainbow when the sun shines :-)

The insides are painted in Violet Grey with sliver gilding finishing off the drawer tops.

And I'm sooo happy the lovely weather is back again... I can't believe I managed to catch this crane taking off from the Kelvin River with my iphone this week!  

Monday, 19 May 2014

Treasure Chest - Chinese Cabinet painted with grey and red chalk paint

You can't beat the beauty of well-made vintage and antique furniture.

This antique Chinese cabinet is a treasure.  It might not look like much from the outside, but it has some wonderful features.

I went shabby, shabby SHABBY with this cabinet - there's antique gold gilding around the tops of the drawers and across the hardware.

The doors are hinged so they can be lifted off to create an open cupboard.

When they are dropped in place, the doors close and there's a small bar for a padlock.

I kept things simple and painted the outside with Autentico's light grey - Foggy Venice chalk paint.  I went to work with some fine sandpaper and highlighted all the shape within this piece.

Then 'tra-laaaa' open the doors to a stunning shabby red...

The outside has had lots of clear wax polished into the chalk paint, while the inside has received a couple of coats of wax varnish... ready to roll :-)