Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hand Painted Furniture Service

Quite a few people start to think about getting their rooms changed in the summer - maybe it's summer holiday blues, you've moved home or just want to brighten up your old brown furniture?
Well here's some commissions I'm working on at the moment to give you a bit of inspiration.

These two 1950s bedside cabinets are being painted in an Antique Turquoise paint, the customer has requested a change of handles too - so I'll be adding those stag head handles - good choice!

I recently advertised this wardrobe for sale on my Facbook page - only £60.00.  The customer who bought this has asked for it to be painted white, with a bit of shabbying and gilding.

I'm in the process of painting it white at the moment... and working through shabbying and the gilding...

Anther customer has a newer piece of furniture and wants it shabby-chic style and painted a soft lavender inside. The handles are being refurbished too.

A bit different from the 'before'!!

If you'd like to find out more about getting any of your furniture totally transformed, here's what to do:
- Take some pics on your phone
- Take some measurements to get an idea of size
- Pop into the shop (we're open 11am to 6pm Tues to Saturday)
and we can discuss colour schemes, finishes, handles, painting inside and outside... then I'll give you a quote... costs are £100-£140 to get a chest of drawers painted, but it depends on size and requirements.

Here's what's included in the price:
- cleaning down surfaces and removing all hardware (like handles)
- painting all over with agreed colour(s)
- agreed work, like 'shabbying up'
- refurbishment of handles
- gilding
- final waxing in agreed colours or clear wax
- replacing hardware

We also offer a pick up and drop off service, prices range from £10-£40 depending on distance and size of furniture.