Saturday, 16 May 2015

Go Marrakech!! Pink and Gold Chest of Drawers

I think I must be CRAVING a holiday! I just painted this chest of drawers a lovely Moroccan pink colour and nearly got carried away adding all that gold to finish.  Every time I look at it I think how wonderful it would be to take a break in Marrakech right now...

It's all about colour for me at the moment, just look at these shoes hanging in a Souk :-D
Post Election blues??

Oh anyway - back to wood.  I was so happy when I found this piece of furniture. Yes, it's true.  Finding great furniture gives me a happy buzz. Anything with serpentine curves gets the thumbs up for my shop.

This is a super little chest of drawers - not only has it got the right curves, I noticed the legs had a kind of Eastern look to them.

I've been inspired!!  I mixed some Autentico chalk paints to make a custom colour.
If you're into furniture painting, these chalk paints are water-based and it's easy to mix them together and come up with something new,

The colours I mixed were Amethyst, Ruby and Heliotrope to create this 'Dragon Fruit' pink colour.  Here's the drawers once I painted a couple of coats all over.

Then I waxed the dry paint, firstly using a clear wax, followed by black wax to deepen the colour and add a bit of texture.  Buffed up the wax a bit for a shine too.

Finally I added that gilding.

The handles are very sweet, I painted and gilded these.

There's a shelf to pull out above the drawers... yup, GILDED!

Tops of the drawers?  You've guessed it, more bling.

Here's a pic in the shop - I painted an old mirror to match.

Lovely bevelling!

I just highlighted some of the existing design to bring out the glamour.

FABULOOOOOOUS... so now... where to book a holiday... thinking... hmmm...