Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What an incredible Spring in Glasgow!

I just had to post these snaps I took yesterday of the incredible blooms that have broken out this spring. How beautiful!!!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mr Chippy - Retro Telephone Table

Have you seen these cute telephone tables around? I've really enjoyed the refurbishing of this little fella.

Straight out of the '60s - 'Chippy' tables.  Wonderful design pieces made with a teak veneer - and here he is before I started any work.

All very Mad Men.  Perch yourself on the side with your gin, cigarette and stilettos... the telephone directory is in the cubby space (with magnetic snap close).  Pull the leaf at the top and you get a shelf to write telephone numbers on.  Forget backing up the mobile phone - get a landline baby!

Everything's been thought of - there's a groove for a pencil above where you jot down your notes and important numbers onto the hard melamine surface and use an eraser to remove.  I painted the top in Autentico's Nearly Black and sealed with a clear Wax Varnish.

The drop down drawer has been painted in Antique Turquoise - love that colour - look at that lovely seat design - beautiful :-)

I could have recovered the seat, but it's in great shape.   When everything was unscrewed  the seat was taken off and the PVC was given an almighty clean.. I just love those retro colours - cream, black and turquoise with the original teak.  Wow.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April Workshops - Painted Chairs and Clocks

Well Easter and all that lovely warm weather is now a memory blip :-0

But there's been a few workshops going on at the Chateau... Here's some pics to share:

This lovely clock was simply an old brown thing... loved in the family... but now it is just stunning!  Painted in Antentico's Gers Blu and finished with clear wax and some Antique Gold.  A beautiful 'Wedgewood' look.

This really was a fab transformation, any of the old brass and carved relief along the bottom was just lost in the old brown veneer.

Talking of memory blips, I'm having a terrible time remembering to take the before pic actually BEFORE we start.  Please do remind me!

This chair was took three hours from start to finish - we used Autentico's "Lemon" chalk paint - yes, that's the lime colour (really) for an all over coat or two.

And then did lots of work with dark brown and clear wax to get the right shade and shabby look.

So this table and chairs set - originally from Pier - was going up for sale on Gumtree but now has been completely re-invented and re-loved.  I'm looking forward to sharing the finished pics when they're ready.

Great job ladies!!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Chalk Painted Chiffonier - Vincent Van Gogh Style

I'm always on the lookout for something unusual...  and this is my Van Gogh Chiffonier do-over!

I'll try to explain the Van Gogh inspiration at the end of the blog - but first of all here's the cabinet before I started any work...

I was really interested in all the carving on this piece - I'm assuming it's Victorian... Chiffoniers were became popular as pieces of furniture to put 'things' in... and are smaller than sideboards.

The hardware was in bad shape - broken handles on the drawer...

Doors loose or coming away from the hinges.  I wasn't really interested in keeping the doors, I thought the natural wood backing and shelves would look great painted with Troubled Water (Autentico's Duck Egg Blue).

This is how everything looked after a couple of coats all over with Autentico's 'Lemon' chalk paint.  Actually it is much more lime - maybe unripe lemon.. but definitely NOT yellow.

Then I got started with the dark wax to bring out all that character.

I love the shade it becomes when the dark brown is added.

I've washed through the brown to let the lemon/lime come through.

It shows the carving really nicely.

The inside is left unwaxed - handles on the drawer have changed to white ceramic pumpkins.

The inside of the drawer is painted in the same duck egg colour - I love that green that could be blue - and finished with a shot of silver leaf across the top.  The names of these paints are VERY confusing.

These photos show the colours off better than some of the others.

A rustic cabinet...

I love it :-)  A great little character piece.

And here's Van Gogh's Chair - the colours inspired me.  I saw the Duck Egg Blue background and that Old Lime painted wood of the chair.  My finished work is a minute fraction of the price though, very affordable.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wedding Shop - Desk Refurb

I've been out scouting - a customer with a wedding shop wants a stylish desk.

I mean, think about it - if you're in a wedding shop wouldn't you want a desk that's a little more romantic than the average utilitarian design?

I've been out scouting and found this dressing table.

The long legs and curved drawers are great features.

I removed the mirrors and gave the whole thing a few coats of Roman White and then shabbied up the paintwork.

 Just enough to bring out the curves and flourishes...

Those curvy legs have been given Antique Gold boots :-)

The handles have been coated in Antique Gold enamel.

To finish, the whole desk has been given a coat of satin varnish to protect against knocks and bumps.  Next stop, the shop.  Can't wait to see it set up with the phone, flowers and diary.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Queen Anne Dressing Table and Stool Refurb

I'm always looking out for these dressing tables and this is one of the best I've seen.  Painted with Autentico Roman White and Foggy Venice and finished with clear wax.  Simple but really effective shabby chic dressing table.

Here's a couple of looks at her majesty as was before.  Queen Anne repro was very popular in the 1950s and this piece would have been a pretty expensive purchase.  I bet the rest of the set was amazing too.

A walnut veneer with a few bumps and scratches - some fading from being near a window.

Lovely mirror set in perfect condition.

I went for the light shabby chic look - not too much distressing, just some wear around the edges to bring out the flow.

The handles have been replaced with silver crystal pulls.

Love the shape of the front with all those curves.

The glass top is virtually free of any marks.

Sitting pretty in the window.