Friday, 7 November 2014

Painted Rocking Chairs and Jewellery Case

Here's a couple of short stories - first of all, I've painted two rocking chairs for a customer.

This large pine one has been painted in Autentico's 'Troubled Water' or Duck Egg chalk paint.

A subtle addition of gold wax has been added to the carved design and other area of the chair, so pretty!

There's a new baby in the house, so mummy sits rocking the baby to sleep.  Meanwhile little sister saw the chair going for painting and wanted her rocking chair painted too!! Here it is in Roman White.  Mummy bear and baby bear rockers :-)

A client dropped this off for me wondering if I'd like to use it.  YES PLEASE!!! How thoughtful :-)
Do you remember these school key cupboards?  This has still got all the room numbers added... and when you open it... wow - it SMELLS of school, so funny!

Well it's been painted, shabbied up and had a new handle added (Roman White chalk paint).  It's now going to be the necklace/ vintage jewellery cabinet - more pics on that soon x