Friday, 29 August 2014

Fabulous Ornate Mirrors

I love to get the colour out...  Here's some really beautiful mid-century mirrors that have been painted using Autentico's Vintage chalk paints.

This floral mirror is made of plaster and has been painted with Heliotrope chalk paint - a strong magenta colour that still has hints of the original gold coming through.

Here I've used Antique Turquoise chalk paint, love it :-)

So what do you want - blue or pink?  I'll be using more colours as I find the mirrors that's for sure!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Edwardian Dressing Table - Painted Grey and White

I found this lovely dressing table and after posting on my Facebook Page here I was commissioned to paint grey with white detail.

This is one of the pics I posted - everything very brown, the original handles have been replaced along the way... but just a really lovely design.

I painted her all over in a 'Paris' grey chalk paint (Foggy Venice from Autentico's range) and picked out the detail in Roman White.

Love the curly design :-)

The handles were replaced with white ceramic buttons.

And the insides painted in Purple Rain - another favourite pink colour from Autentico.  The rims of the drawers were gilded silver.

Love those legs - a lovely piece of furniture - now delivered to her new home where she's much admired by all :-)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Antique Bureau Refurb

I bought this stunning antique with the idea of totally renovating it to the point of removing all the art... before you scream I was only THINKING about it.

This is a before pic that shows the amount of wear and tear - real shabby chic and very popular for the day it was in the shop before being snapped up!

The insides were pretty shabby too :-)  The artwork was done in the 1920s by the wife of the General who presented it to her...  maybe so she could write to him frequently?  Romantic...

My client asked me to paint all over in dark grey and change the gold to silver but LEAVE all the lovely artwork.  So I did.

She's pretty cute now, all the old paint has been covered with a custom dark grey and sealed with a wax varnish.  The gilding has been changed to silver.

Additionally, the request was for light grey inside, so that was done with a silver inner drawer.

The single drawer was refurbed in the same grey, with silver gilded handles.

I hope I did the right thing - what do you think?

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Meet Ruby - Jazzy Cocktail Cabinet Refurb

Ohhhh, I do love to get dramatic and this wonderful Cocktail Cabinet gave me such an opportunity!

Next time you see brown, dull and done-for furniture DO NOT GIVE UP!  .. Here's what was delivered to the shop....

The glass has been separated and is wrapped up on top, but SERIOUSLY... black and white check backing paper???  Who would have thought? A bit too masculine?  Huh, time for a gender-change!

This is a beautiful and interesting piece of furniture.  The red, gold and silver combo on the original piece  was a bit of a challenge but this is what I did...

I painted all over with Autentico's Nearly Black chalk paint and painted the inside of the lower cabinet with Red - fittingly, this is called Ruby (baby).  I used a matching the gold gilding for the cabinet and left all of the bottom cabinet black, but put some sneaky silver gilding on the rims of the doors, et Voila!!

Lovely claw and ball-foot tootsies here.  This cabinet is step-ping out!

No more hiding in the corner for Ruby!  So when do you think she was originally made? Art Deco?

When I first saw her, I thought 1930s but noooo, 1960s!  The British Safety Kite is there.

I just love that jazzy silver-work on the doors :-)

I kept trying to get a pic that worked with the lighting...

It doesn't matter, she'll light up your room day and night.

Friday, 15 August 2014

French Cupboard - painted Grey and Lime Green

I walked into one of the shops I was scouting around for furniture and stopped in my tracks!  Sometimes you see something that's just such an exciting project - and I love this French looking cupboard.

It's much larger than a bedside cabinet... Here's a peek at the 'before' when it arrived in the workshop.  Slightly banged about from use but has a really nice oak grain - and still has the original key.  I wanted to create quite a dramatic look.

I opted for Autentico's 'Paris grey' chalk paint which is called Foggy Venice.  And then went to work with white wax to bring out the grain.

Those cute handles have been refurbed with grey paint and silver gilding.

And inside, to give a really FRESH apple lift, I've used Autentico's Lime chalk paint.

The basked of fruit has been highlighted with the white wax.. I really love the soft peachy look its got now.

All the carving on the front has been buffed up to add more dimension.  I took a few pics in the shop - this one with the light on...

Light off...

It would look stunning in a small entrance hall, there's just about the right amount storage space, two shelves and one drawer :-)

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Pink and Grey - Inspirational Desk

Open the drawer, take out your laptop, pull down the desk et voila!  What a fabulous workstation. How could you NOT be inspired?

I got so excited about refurbing this bureau that I'd already started colour testing before any pics... here's a quick look at part of the before - inside...

So you get the picture?  It's a lovely old bureau, very solid old walnut, but it's had it.  BORING!!  It needed a new lease of life and that's where I arrive armed with pink and grey :-)

And, hello beautiful! Just a lovely old piece of furniture.  The grey paint which has been added all over the outside - it's called Foggy Venice from Autentico's Vintage chalk paint range.

I went crazy for those little tootsies and just had to add antique gold gilding to those platform slippers!

The shell at the centre adds style - although I've finished the grey chalk paint with a clear wax - I've added some dark wax to bring out all the detail to the carving at the bottom of this piece.

I took all the hardware off for the refurb and then put it all back on again - cutest brass handles.

The chalk paint can be put straight on to the original leather pad, it's been refurbed too and the insides have been sealed with a dead matt varnish.

Swanky or what?  This wonderful magenta pink colour is called Heliotrope.  I think it's VERY ChouChou.

The original key locks the bureau top - and she just sits there looking all prim and proper (ah, bonjour Fifi).

Such a nice surprise to find that colour.  That final, internal drawer is painted gold inside.  Oh it just wants to be taken home!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Glasgow Commonwealth Games - Kylie's Party!

It's been an amazing 11 days of Games activity here in Glasgow.  The shop is at Kelvinhall next to Kelvingrove Park so there's been days where, out of the blue, a sudden roar of applause and crowd excitement was heard.  Makes your hair stand on end!

Sunday 3rd August was the last day and the only day I had free to see some of the sport and very fortunately had a ticket for the Closing Ceremony :-)  The Men's Cycling was on so I went to the park to watch and cheer.

There we really heavy downpours of rain - steam was rising from the paths... it was full of excitement.

I have no idea how any of the cyclists without glasses could navigate through this!

In the evening I went off to the Closing Ceremony, all the way there, the Clyde Side Helpers cheered everyone on and kept spirits soaring.  One was shouting for us to come on to Glasgow's Biggest party "Kylie's coming" he yelled, we all cheered some more!

In the eleven days there were 261 events, 824 medals awarded, nine world records set...

The athletes were out meeting fans...

Then we got down to the celebrations and handover...

On came Lulu... followed by Glasgow 80s band Deacon Blue

We had more cheering and huge thanks for all the incredible work of all the Glasgow Services...

How many millions of selfies???

 Then there was lots of thanks and summing up of the best games ever and the official handover to Australia's Gold Coast who'll be hosting in 2018 - you lucky things ...AND THEN CAME KYLIE!!!

She's amazing!!!

What a wonderful Closing Ceremony - it was magic.

Finishing up with fireworks and Auld Lang Syne - EVERYONE joined in, it was just incredible.

What a party indeed!
Pure Dead Brilliant :-)