Monday, 21 July 2014

Glasgow's Kelvingrove Park and River

I walk to work with Fifi whenever I can, my favourite route is along the Kelvin River and through Kelvingrove Park.  Here's some pics from the sunshine walks in the past few weeks.

The skies have been Cornflower blue - as Enid Blyton would say :-)
This view of Glasgow University is from Kelvingrove Park.  It's a classic Victorian Park that surrounds the Art Gallery and Museum, designed and created by Sir Joseph Paxton in 1852.

And here's some cornflowers to prove it - I love taking pics of the bumblebees.  These ones are 'Buff-tailed'.

This one has so much pollen collected, like white saddle bags hanging down - how do they manage with those tiny wings?  Sheer willpower!!

There's a few Herons that swoop down the park and sit on the banks or in the trees.

And I had to take pics of the sleeping ducks - all the ducklings are grown now.

But the foxes are my favourite.  These ones were enjoying the evening sun,..

Two of them, one just snoozing away.

The other wandering around and checking out the water's edge.

Fox + Irn-Bru + Scotland = ?

I see this bird often, I'm pretty sure its a Grey Wagtail... I've become a regular at the RSPB website.

Then of course there are the Gulls... this one's a Herring Gull - I think this one's called a Yellow Legged Gull...

It was just sitting cooling it's heels at the waterfall.

This is more like a typical habitat though, rooftops and chimneys.