Sunday, 6 July 2014

Black, Gold and Blue - Chest of Drawers Refurb

Happy July!!  It's been hectic this week, as I've been working on a lot of commissions and am still trying to finish a dressing table... poor thing.  Meantime, here's a refurb I've just finished working on.

I do love my black and gold combi, but more about that later - here's the chest of drawers as I was starting work:

A really nice solid oak two over two set.  The front has a serpentine curve and the original handles have been replaced sometime along the way.  I took off the top two handles and was involved in a paint check before I realised I hadn't taken the before pic!!!

Something that's really interesting about the drawers is that they have little wooden wheels on the back. They run really smoothly, cool eh?

So after some filling in of unwanted drawer holes and a few dings to the top, I painted all over with Autentico chalk paint in the Nocturnal black colour.  Chalk paint is really matt when it dries, you have to be careful or it will pick up every little scuff and absorb anything.

There's some nice detail on the drawers, so it's been accentuated with an antique gold gilding that matches the gold on the handles - which have now been replaced and repositioned.

Gilding has been brushed over a few surfaces to draw out the design - it's quite subtle.

Loved gilding those chunky little feet though!

Everything's sealed with a wax varnish and the top has been given a few layers of gold wax to get a deep shine.

Inside the drawers are painted Gers Blu - a lovely contrast and bright surprise when you pull those ceramic pumpkin handles.

Quite a strong, masculine piece in the end...

Sold already and gone from the shop - good job I have photos!