Monday, 2 June 2014

Duck Egg Blue - Rustic Cupboard

Oh hurruh for June - feels like summer now and I've been able to get outside as it's stopped raining.

I picked up this simple little washstand/ cupboard with one drawer over and wanted to turn it into something a little more rustic.  Loving how it's finished up.

So here's how she started out...

You can see this would have been a cute piece of furniture in it's day, but fading away in the corner now and desperately in need of a new look.

I painted the insides of the cupboards and drawer in a Violet Grey chalk paint (it ain't pink) - nice that the cupboards are separate spaces..

The colour all over is a 'Duck Egg Blue' or in Autentico's colour range it's called 'Troubled Waters'.  I've used gold gilding across the cupboard, drawers and feet.

Those original casters create just DARLING tootsies!

Actually, there was more work to this piece than immediately meets the eye - I needed to fill the holes from the original hardware after I removed them and then re-drill through and sand to ensure the new pulls were aligned properly.

Never a dull day... aren't these French Bee ceramic handles adorable?

I'm really pleased with the new rustic look of this piece - all finished with a bit of shabby sanding and sealed with clear wax :-)