Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer White and Greys - Dressing Tables

I have a number of white dressers and am currently using grey, silver and white chalk paints and waxes on dressing tables.

This shabby chic dresser has been painted all over in coats of Roman White chalk paint.  The handles are changed to crystal - so they create a lovely rainbow when the sun shines :-)

The insides are painted in Violet Grey with sliver gilding finishing off the drawer tops.

And I'm sooo happy the lovely weather is back again... I can't believe I managed to catch this crane taking off from the Kelvin River with my iphone this week!  

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Meet the Neighbours - Cushion & Cake Vintage Tea Room

I have some fabulous neighbours - Cushion and Cake offer high teas to die for and are a few doors along at 35 Old Dumbarton Road.  This week as part of the West End Festival, they had a sold-out Vintage Tea Dance.

Beautifully done....

Fabulous real lemonade, tea, delicious sarnies, cake, meringues and cream scones... mmmmmm...

We had our make up done and then got our dance training.

Too many people hit the floor to foxtrot so we got into swing.

What a brilliant afternoon.

The lovely Pam did everything to perfection.

I wish I'd taken a pic of the full hall learning the moves to Saturday Night Fever - classic :-)

Cushion and Cake on Facebook here

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Mother of all Lamps - Alabaster and Bronze

I've called this the Mother of all Lamps.  For obvious reasons...

She's huge and made of solid brass and pure white alabaster - weighs a ton and is taking over the shop.

What a fabulous vintage find...

Friday, 20 June 2014

Cosmic Silver - Vintage Tallboy Chest of Drawers Refurb

I just love bringing in the bling, but I really didn't plan this - it just kind of happened!

I picked up this lovely tallboy chest of drawers - the simple design and chunky brass handles caught my eye.  Very brown, boring washed up otherwise though.  Here's the before... see what I mean?

I stripped off the hardware and painted him all over with a 'Paris grey' chalk paint which is called Foggy Venice in Autentico's Vintage range. I was thinking about using a white chalk paint to contrast the drawers or introduce faux panels.

But my eyes kept being drawn to the silver powder I've bought to mix with my finishing waxes. So I took a very bold step in another direction and mixed up a batch of silver and started layering over the grey.

Until I reached the silver depths of bling I was thinking of.

Ring-a-ding bling...

There's some delicate design across the top of this dresser - to me it says 'WOW-WOW-WOW'.

I thought about all the different things I could do with the handles and decided to go with silver gilding.

Then painted the insides of the drawers in Autentico's Antique Turquoise chalk paint.  Finally, the drawer tops are finished in a silver gilding.  The brown's been banished.

Here he is in the shop.  Wow, cosmic baby!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Vintage Find - 1950s Newspaper - World Cup in Brazil

Well you just never know what you might find when you're refurbishing furniture... I'm still hoping to uncover a stash of hidden diamonds or a few thousand pounds of savings.  Meantime I'm happy with this vintage find.  Part of a Scottish Newspaper from 17 May 1950, found yesterday, lining the bottom of a chest of drawers.

In June 1950 the World Cup was won by Uruguay - the first competition since WW2. Uruguay are due to play England today :-D  Current news coverage is that since Brazilian officials confiscated Uruguay's caramel spread, they've been playing really badly... 

Also top news!  Queen Mary's birthday... and on the menu for lunch; strawberry ice pudding - in the shape of a crown no less - and petit fours (naturalment).  The article says at 83 yrs of age, she's the oldest Queen Britain has ever know.  Our current Queen Elizabeth was 88 this year...

And finally, if you weren't dashing off to Rio or invited for crown shaped ice pudding with Queen Mary, you could just chill with a glass of Old Brown Sherry, sounds inviting - but we'll be having Prosecco at the workshop tonight...

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Duck Egg Blue and Gold - Cabinet Transformations

I've been working on two cabinets - here's the REVEAL of how one of them looks in the shop window.

Here's the BEFORE pic.

Originally a dark wood and Indonesian looking.  All the hardware's been removed, it had the 'rusty' look - very 1980s.

I chose Autentico's 'Troubled Waters' chalk paint for this one, which is a 'duck egg blue' colour.  I gave a few coats all over - this is the colour when dried and before any waxing - quite a lot lighter.

This is cabinet 2 after waxing with clear wax and some gold wax.  The Duck Egg colour has darkened and the gold glints from the surface.  Both cabinets are exactly the same colour - it goes to show the difference it makes when I can get into full daylight with the camera!

The gold wax has been rubbed into the clear wax before it dried and the replacement handles have been gilded with the same Antique Gold.

I also did some light sanding before waxing to bring through the dark wood.

I love this colour combination - it has the WOW factor :-)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fifi - Midsummer Makeover

You know how I like the before and after 'reveal'?  Well here's a peek a Fifi's makeover.
If you've been to the shop, she's probably welcomed you at the door!  Well her wooly coat's grows out about three inches and when everyone's commenting that she's looking a bit porky...

She's not too happy in the rain - here she is, getting ready to visit the poodle parlour...  Looks like a mop on a piece of string.

Fifi's not a poodle - she's a Bichon Frise - but I like to get her cut nice and short so she can run around in the mud and not have all the fuss.

All happy now - looooove the new look Fifi x

Friday, 13 June 2014

West End Festival - June Workshops

The weather's been on and off - the rain that is!  During the West End Festival, we're running Et Voila! Workshops that teach the basics of furniture decorating in two and a half hour evening sessions.

Two weeks into the festival we've had monsoon rain... il pleut des chats et des chiens :-)

But it hasn't stopped the fun!  We've been painting tables, cabinets,


Shabby-ing, layering, gold waxing, learning image transfer techniques...

It's been great fun here at the Chateau...  looking forward to the next two weeks ladies!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sideboard Makeover - Black and Gold

This is quite a big piece of furniture, the first thing I did was give it a coat of grey chalk paint.  Then I let it squat in the workshop for a couple of days while we eyed each other up and I wondered how best to bring out the best in him.

So here's the 'before' pic - down with brown!!  Inside and out, just dull and heavy looking.

The top is in good condition - but quite marked... I needed to do a bit of sanding and filling on the top and after removing all the hardware.

I decided to go a bit over the top with Antique Gold and started out by painting all over with Nocturnal Chalk Paint from Autentico.

Then I went to work drawing out the design and lines.

Just a little bit of bling to the barley twist legs to balance things.

Lots of lovely gold wax to the top - this has been polished to a deep and smooth finish.

The hardware has been changed to black and gold ceramic and the insides of the cupboards and drawers have been painted with Gers Blu.

A nice and bright welcome!

All the paint has been sealed with a wax varnish to finish.

The finish is a strong look - quite a statement piece.