Saturday, 31 May 2014

Romantic Painted Dressing Table - White, Grey and Silver

I loooove refurbing these romantic dressing tables...  this one's around sixty years old.  She's been given a full make-over using white and grey chalk paints with gilt silver flashes and a peek of colour on the inside.

Here's how she started out... can you imagine sitting and working on your beehive hair doo?

OK, so brown walnut veneer, lovely curvy Cabriole legs and a very pretty three piece mirror.  There's a glass top too which is in great condition.

Everything was removed in the workshop and the paint plan started - lots of white, grey top and grey lines to break up the drawers and define the serpentine shape.

The handles are in excellent condition and the ornate brass has been refurbed with silver gilding.

There's no brown to be seen now! The mirrors have been painted and gilded along with the small mirror clips.

And she's got her sexy silver ankle boot on too :-)

The insides of the drawers are painted Antique Turquoise - the Louis style serpentine shape of this piece is just soooo romantic.

Here's the dressing table with the glass top on - clear glass protecting the grey surface and lifting the white.  A glass top is perfect for a dressing table, no chance of ruining the varnish with perfumes or make up.

And the full shot in the shop - ain't she a beauty?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Maleficent - Mirror Collection

Great name - and really do think I'll look forward to seeing Angelina play the part... meanwhile WHAT do you think of this incredible mirror I picked up?  Original 1950/60s and in perfect condition.  Hmmm mirror, mirror...

I've also got an number of other great retro, Victorian and Art Deco mirrors in stock - here's a quick look at some.

The largest mirror is a Victorian over-mantle and has some beautiful design.

This one's in the window - very flamboyant :-)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Black Wardrobe - Custom Makeover

Just a few pics from the workshop - I was commissioned to work on a customer's pine wardrobe - this one was made in Mexico, quite rustic with pseudo 'rusty' metal hardware.

The request was to give it the 'cherry blossom' look...

So here it is in the workshop... first of all, painted all over in black (Nocturnal) chalk paint, gilded on the top, along the insides of the doors, along the wardrobe bottom and on the drawer.  

Apologies for the pics... not much room to manoeuvre with this piece.

Then painted with cherry blossom design using pink and white chalk paints.  Finishing touches were the handles which are changed to black and gold ceramic... I'll need to remove and drill new holes before delivering this - the original placement of the door handles are out of alignment!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dreamy Angelic Blue Armoire

When I saw the handles on this armoire, I just HAD to have it.

So here she is before any work started - very brown BUT very Art Deco... 

Inside is a treat - hanging rails and corner shelves - with one big storage drawer.  And all in great condition.

The handles are just soooo lovely - they reminded me of angels wings when I saw them - but maybe are more of a waterfall...  very 'renaissance' 1920s.

I started out painting all over with Gers Blu chalk paint.

That gave a totally blue canvas for me to start planning that new look.

The whole piece has had a white wash (Silk chalk paint) then I've added lots of gilding along all the lines.  I still wanted a bit of 'shabby' so very light sanding here and there.

The handles have been given the chalk paint and gold gilding treatment.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Here's the cabinet open so you can see the shelves and hanging space painted in cream with some gold on the shelf edge.  The single drawer underneath stands on chevron design - highlighted with white and gold.

Inside of the drawer is painted the same cream with gold edging around the top and bottom.

This is such a lovely piece of furniture.

Not too tall - at shoulder height, more storage space on top :-)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Treasure Chest - Chinese Cabinet painted with grey and red chalk paint

You can't beat the beauty of well-made vintage and antique furniture.

This antique Chinese cabinet is a treasure.  It might not look like much from the outside, but it has some wonderful features.

I went shabby, shabby SHABBY with this cabinet - there's antique gold gilding around the tops of the drawers and across the hardware.

The doors are hinged so they can be lifted off to create an open cupboard.

When they are dropped in place, the doors close and there's a small bar for a padlock.

I kept things simple and painted the outside with Autentico's light grey - Foggy Venice chalk paint.  I went to work with some fine sandpaper and highlighted all the shape within this piece.

Then 'tra-laaaa' open the doors to a stunning shabby red...

The outside has had lots of clear wax polished into the chalk paint, while the inside has received a couple of coats of wax varnish... ready to roll :-)

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Six Clarice Cliff Dinner Plates

I've got a perfect set of six Clarice Cliff dinner plates at the shop.

The floral design is "Georgian Spray" on a rich cream background.
It's like a spray of flowers, on a flower, on a plate.

The printed backstamp and registration design date no 840076 dates these to circa 1943.  
they're like new with no crazing or marks and you can see the three stilt marks to the back (from the firing).

Friday, 16 May 2014

French Painted Chest of Drawers

I get so excited when I find something FRENCH - here's a lovely small chest of drawers I picked up and just refurbished with chalk paint.

And here's the before - it's quite a recent reproduction but lots of lovely features.

I'd hoped to paint it and re-wax and polish the top but there were too many dings for that...  next time...

I painted it all over in Autentico's Paris White and added a little bit of Lime to the chalk paint, then went to work with some soft sand papering to give it a bit of shabby chic.

Then used lots of clear and dark soft wax to work into the chalk paint and bring out the design and 'antique' the finish...

Oh I just love those cute little legs!

The finished result is just what I was hoping for - and I added some Antique Gold gilding to the handles to finish.

Looking all antiqued up and very Louis!

 Here she is in the shop now.