Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Up-cycled Bedside Cabinets

Everyone is saying up-cycled, I prefer refurbished... Anyway - here's a really nice couple of bedside cabinets I put in the shop today - starting with the reveal, standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder :-)

And here's the before...

These are 1950s and have got some really nice features.

Made by Wrighton, nice and sturdy.

The best feature inside - pull the front down and that's where you have you leisurely cup of tea and toast as you read your papers or hot chocolate and bedtime novel.

I painted them with Autentico's Roman White and Foggy Venice outside and Antique Rose inside.  Clear wax to finish and seal.  The mats have been replaced with PVC fabric.  Oh, I'm in the mood for springtime in Paris!

The insides of the drawers are painted pink too with a bit of silver bling across the top.

Lovely crystal pulls to catch the light.

They look really smart!  Definitely one of my favourites :-)