Sunday, 12 January 2014

You can't have too much grey in winter!

I love the way grey and and white work together.  I've put together a few separate pieces I've picked up to make a set.

Here they are when I was ready to start.

A wooden mirror and small lamp table - or plant stand - and a brass lamp stand.  All quite traditional.

The mirror had a nice flower design and like the table had a bit of carving along the edges.

I gave the lamp a dusting of Roman White chalk paint and started work on the table and mirror with French Linen and Original.  It's a deeper grey than Paris Grey and is just beautiful with White.

I put shabby white detail under the rim of the table and down the curvy legs and just a bit of white onto the mirror.

It's pretty grey outside, but found my beautiful grey and white heron on the river.

I love these finished pieces, simple and chic.