Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chest of Drawers and Mirror in Duck Egg Blue

I picked up this chest of drawers and separately an old brown mantle mirror, but painted in the same colour they come together for a great look.

I did think long and hard about what colour to go with - pretty tempted by pink to tell you the truth!  But opted for a duck egg blue in the end.

The chest of drawers needed a bit of filling and sanding before I started to get the bumps and knocks out.  The handles are solid brass, but I decided to go for a complete refurb and will replace them.

So here's the first look after a couple of coats of paint.  There's hardly any sunlight at this time of year but the colour is quite good in the pic.  Shame I forgot to take a 'before' shot of the mirror.

After buffing up all over with clear wax, I added crystal pull handles.

Very pretty...

That mirror is really heavy by the way!

The mirror will hang separately on the wall above the dresser.

Looking very shabby chic!!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

10 Days in Tokyo

Yipee - I've had this holiday booked for nearly a year - Tokyo for a 10 days.  What an incredible experience!!  I'm just going to dump a whole load of photos and let Japan speak for itself :-)  I feel so inspired by the beauty of this place I have to share it... City, Coastal, the colours of nature, so inspirational.

We saw Fuji-San most of the time we were there - beautiful blues skies...  This was the view from Yokohama.


View from the Park Hyatt's New York Bar (if you've seen Lost in Translation).

The moon was an astonishing red when it appeared.

Lost of signs in Tokyo - here's a list of what you can and can't do in Yoyogi Park.

Visiting the Meiji Shrine.

Senso-Ji Temple

Tokyo Skytree - opened last year and is the tallest tower in the world.

Crazy views...

The parks were in full autumn reds and golds, just stunning.

 Our hotel was right on Shinjuku park - perfect location :-)

Hanoke Fuji - cable cars and lakes

In the Zen tea house contemplating nature :-)

Neon-tastic at night.