Sunday, 18 August 2013

Graphite Lamp Table with Arles Chalk Paint

I am now officially mad - about Graphite Chalk Paint.

I picked up a rather plain, solid wood table this week and had been thinking about whether to paint it one colour and just enjoy the pedestal shape in the plain or try a bit of two-tone.

I just feel inspired by my walks.  This tree... there's something really feminine about it don't you think? Two-tone black and white?  No?

Anyway, this is the table in it's original incarnation.

And this... this is Arles Chalk Paint... yummy golden colour like honeycomb.

So I got to work giving the table one coat of Arles.

And then covered again with a coat of Graphite Chalk Paint.  It was really satisfying - the the way the black paint just connected with the undercoat.

This is how things looked when the Graphite dried - like a blackboard - a dull charcoal colour.

But once the clear wax was applied and buffed up - what a difference!

Yup, I love that two tone effect - straight out of my walks by the river.

After the rain - with no colour enhancement - amazing.

Anyway, back to the table - the two tones of gold and black are just made for each other.

I have to say, it really does work well.

That beautiful dark graphite colour is now a firm favourite of mine - I have a dressing table on stand by for my next project...

Have a great week :-)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

G-Plan Dressing Table - Paint it White!

This is a commission for a friend of mine whose teenage daughter wants her dressing table white shabby chic.

I do like the original G-Plan style.

Dark brown teak wood, simple mirrors - the legs are different!  All very 1970s. We discussed using colour but white was the order!

I'm working at their house for this job.

I gave the whole unit a coat of Old White Chalk Paint.  The 1970s box shape of the legs was really clear.

I painted the insides of the drawers in a favourite colour of mine - a soft lavender colour.  I left a light dusting of white chalk paint on the top of the drawer as an undercoat for some extra colour later.

I felt that due to the unusual wooden handles and curved shapes, the shabby sanding should be quite strong in places.  This is how she looked before waxing - I worked the handles to define the top lip.

Stopped to play with the kittens every so often :-)

I used an amethyst finish on the inside of the drawers.

Looks good and adds a bit of the bling I'm so fond of...

 I used  a couple of coats of wax and buff on the top of the dresser - you know it's going to have makeup all over it any time now and will need protecting.

 Kind of difficult to get 'the final finished' photo in the bedroom - but good to see how it will fit with that whole teenage look.  You can see how much the colour has come through from the wood once waxed.

 So here it is - one shabby white teenage dressing table!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Camping in North Kintyre, Scotland

The weather has been unusually hot for a few weeks, which made it really difficult to do anything other than get outside - just too good to miss!

So I packed all my camping equipment into the back of the car and went off to the West Coast of Scotland, to the Kintyre Peninsula for a couple of days.

Fifi was with me as usual.  We went to an excellent campsite right on the beach.

We went for looong walks along the white beaches.

The campsite was opposite the Isle of Jura, so the Paps were visible most of the time.

Fifi had such a good time playing with the children on the beach, she needed to cool off a lot - you wouldn't normally see her wanting to get wet!

Some of the rock formations on the coastline created steps and triangles... I took this pic of natural still life - nothing added.

The colours of the sea - well Atlantic Ocean really - were just stunning.  I have to do more costal colours with my furniture painting!

With fresh clear waters and seaweed forests gently swaying.

We came across the tomb on a cliff looking out to the islands.

The tomb of the Campbells of Drimnamucklach - trips off the tongue doesn't it?  Don't ask me how to pronounce it.

So the skies were clear and we had the most fabulous sunsets.

 This was a sunset on the second night - it was a little bit misty after a scorcher of a day.

I'm hoping to get out and about with the tent some more, but for now the rain is back on. That means back to refurb!!  This week I've been working on a commission - a teenager wants her dressing table white - so more on that next post.