Thursday, 24 October 2013

A little bit of Decoupage

Well I've been saving various glass jars from Jam, honey, pesto, pickles and the like - to create some decoupage vases.

I tried a few different ideas - depending on the shapes...

Painted them all up using two coats of Old White Chalk Paint.

Looking around for inspiration, I found FISHES!!  I cut them out and tested two glue types a specialist decoupage glue and an 'art medium' but I couldn't see there was a difference.

Here they are, finished, varnished in matt... I was thinking about doing something to finish off the necks, but like them looking a bit tatty.

I'm going to do more of this, try some other colours and designs :-)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

For Marie-Anne - Chalk Paint Refurb

This weekend I'm spending time over in Paisley with Marie-Anne and Justin - I'm refurbing an old chest of drawers that currently lives in the entrance hall - starting with the "Reveal"

The hallway has an oval white mirror and I'm matching up with Old White Chalk Paint.

So here she is in brown... just look at those lovely knobbly knees!!  Marie-Anne wanted to keep the original handles and as they are more or less fused on with tiny old screws, I'll have to keep them on during the refurb.

This piece of furniture has been in Marie-Anne's family for a very long time.  it has some fantastic features - beading around the drawers and lovely detail on the top.  But it's had its fair share of knocks over the years.

Part of the beading was missing on the right side of the dresser top and used 'half moon' beads to balance things.

I got to work while Fifi and Marie-Anne cuddled up on a sofa :-) down to some sanding.

And an all-over coat of clear wax to seal.  So I left the original handles on, gave them a shabby white coat and sealed with wax too.

See at the top of the dressing table on the right - you'd never know the beading had been fixed would you?

The insides of the drawers are painted in Emperor's Silk - that lovely rich red.
Finished with a bit of Antique Gold on the drawer tops.

Looks fantastic!!

This is now one of my favourite pieces - the hallway looks lovely  :-)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Paint it White Weekend

What a lovely weekend!!  Autumn has arrived, the trees are half green, half gold and red.  Beautiful.  And I've decided to have a weekend of painting things white.

 Starting with this small chest I found hiding under a typewriter in a charity shop.

Very nice looking piece of reproduction, made by the very catchily named manufacturer: Reprodux Bevan Funnel Ltd.  RBF it is then.

I'm guessing this would be used as a sewing box? 

Well anyhoo, I think it's great!!  I got to work painting it's innards first - I went for a soft pink.

Then I started with the Old White - and ended up sanding everything back to a shabby look.  When I started out I just thought solid white... but nooo.

I really like the mix.

I waxed all over with clear wax to seal, and waxed the lid in a dark wax.

Isn't she cute? RBF Refurb.

Next we have the Bentwood Chair job.  I've already shabbied up one bentwood chair, and was keen to try another design.

First of all then, two coats of Old White Chalk Paint...

And then the sanding...

Brilliant - love the stripy seat.

Oh, and I harvested my lavender today - made me think of Texas and the Prairie Chic look that I love.

Aaah, blue hydrangea on a shabby chair.

After painting a couple of mirrors and a ceramic wall shelf... I definitely need some walkies with Fifi.

I spotted a magpie - look at those beautiful tail feathers!!

The roses are giving their final blooms - the colours are just incredible, so fresh.

...and the mix of green and golds against the sun was just stunning... deep breath...

Fifi loves to snuffle in the leaves :-)

There was hardly a breeze, I hope there's more of these lovely days to look forward to.

Have a fabulous week y'all !!!