Sunday, 7 July 2013

Large Coffee Table with Stencil

This is a quick story - have to run and watch the Gentlemen's Finals at Wimbledon... on a large TV with friends, fizz and strawberries - come on Andy!!!

This large, solid wood coffee table was being discarded - such a shame, I thought it would look good refurbed with a stencil design.  Here's the REVEAL shot.

Here's the before...

The varnish was quite damaged.  I'm often asked if chalk paint will chip.  Well here's the proof, any surface will wear after use regardless of the finish, so use casters under cups, glasses and hot plates.

I lightly sanded a couple of places to remove some raised bits.

The condition of the wood is good though - just need a quick clean and then got to it with Old White all over and the top with French Linen Chalk Paint.

This is how the colours look before waxing all over with Clear Wax.

I used a stencil twice in a mirror image.  I thought I'd keep this one simple.

This is how fully waxed finished version looks - I really do need to get my camera sorted out and stop using the iphone!!