Saturday, 29 June 2013

1970s Dressing Table Redoux

I tell you, sometimes you get a piece of furniture and everything goes like a dream... other times it's a work in progress...

I picked up this dressing table and thought it would be great fun to redoux in Chalk Paint - Paris Grey with Old White trim.  Here's the old brown look.

Typical 1970s, drawers work really well nice mirrors and some detail to bring out.

After tickling his tum - yes, there is something masculine about the design of this piece - I painted all over in Paris Grey.  I like to paint every bit - starting underside.

This is how the front looked after the grey and white was finished.  I took a pic after starting work with the clear wax.

I sprayed the handles white.

And put them back onto the finished piece.

I super-buffed the surfaces to get a really good wax shine going.  And have sanded away around the mirrors and more lightly on the drawers and around the edges.

The transformation is just fab.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Glasgow's West End Festival

The last few weeks have been CRAZY busy... The weather has been hot, hot, hot  for once (well I mean it was 24C) and the 2013 Glasgow West End Festival is underway.

I've had friends staying over, been out festival-ing - hope you enjoyed June as much as we did!

Alrighty then, here's some more pics of the parade down Byres Road into Kelvingrove Park.