Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stag Head Chest of Drawers

After my Applecross holiday, I have gone TOTALLY over the top on this chest of drawers.

I've started with the reveal - here's how this fella looked when I found him.

So he's been this week's transformation project.  Originally, this was a nice bit of 1950s furniture.
I recently bought some Old Ochre chalk paint, which is very creamy...

I removed the handles and gave him a couple of coats of paint and found the right stag head for some photocopy transfer.  

These are the three drawers with the transfers directly onto the paint. I must just share a stupid moment mistake.  I transferred the three stags the first time and went to put the drawers back to check alignment and guess what?  I had completed two of the transfers but the drawers were facing the wrong way.
MORAL: Always make sure your drawers are not back to front!!!

This is how the chest looked after the drawers were put back together.  I waxed the entire chest with clear wax.  Then I started to add antique gold on the handles and around the drawers.  Which is when I started to think about adding MORE...  Starting with the top.

The paint has been 'shabbied up' a bit, then gold added around the edges and inside the lip of the drawer, it looks good when you open it.

I added gold to the feet too.  Too much gold?  Noooooooo....

And here he is again - Now as Stag Head Chest of Drawers - aall finished!  What do you think?