Sunday, 7 April 2013

Duck Egg Blue Chest of Drawers

This is the REVEAL of this old brown chest of Drawers...

It started out s really very plain - nice little cabriole legs and to be fair, the drawers work smoothly, which is great!

But not a great looker... I'll need to replace the handles, one of them is missing.  I'll look forward to using the other five on another piece some time.

Quite a lot of sanding to prep the top of the dresser to get rid of bumps.  I really couldn't decide what would be the best colour... I ended up going for a long walk with Fifi...

I walked along the river and decided I wanted something springlike, I want COLOUR!! So I've gone for Duck Egg Blue paint - all over...  Here she is after one coat.

I recently came across some truly fabulous Edwardian very solid brass handles on ebay, the duck egg blue and gold colours are beautiful together.

I finished the drawer tops with some gold to bring a little more glamour.

Absolutely LOVE the effect of blue and gold. I did a veeery small bit of sanding to this piece around the edges and on the legs.  What a yummy chest of drawers!!