Sunday, 28 April 2013

Coffee Table in Paris Grey

Here's a coffee table story - starting with the REVEAL.

I often see these tables and look out for anything with an interesting bit of carving - here's the BEFORE pic.

 Nice legs with lots of carving - a bit of the damage to repair...

There were a couple of cracks to fill in above the leg and on the rim of the table.

 Originally, this would have been a very grand table to have your afternoon cup of tea and slice of cake from.  The walnut veneer is quite damaged now, but not chipped - so perfect for a refurb.

My original idea was to do lots of distressing BUT when I did that, I checked with a bit of clear wax and felt it was just too much for this little piece.

 So I washed all the distressed parts with some Paris Grey to tone things down a bit, which works a lot better.

 I added the Paris Grey Wash over the top of the table too.

 So now the shabby, distressed look is much softer and I think works.

 I'm pleased with the final look, the whole table has been sealed with clear wax now.  Oh, the weather is rotten today... it might still be cold and wet outside but it's Paris inside!!