Saturday, 30 March 2013

Two little orphans - part 2

This is orphan No. 2

Like the first table - Orphan No. 1, I found this when I was out walking with Fifi.  Here's some of the 'before' pictures.  A bit of repair work first!

A lot of damage to the veneer on the top and cracked edges...

So I needed to do quite a bit of sanding and filling before I started with paint.  I decided to use Cream and Old White.  I love the way the paint looks before wax - looks like a snow covered pie top table now.

I then started to sand some of the surfaces to bring out the curves.

I wanted to add some design to this table and printed a VERY primitive heart on the bottom shelf using gold paint.  I repainted over using cream and then sanded the paint away.

A really nice effect I'd like to do more work with.

When the clear wax is added, the cream, white and golden brown of the wood blend into a great finish.

The cream turns a more buttery yellow.

Cute little table now - just needs a new home :-)