Saturday, 23 March 2013

Two little orphans - part 1

So there I was taking Fifi for a walk and I spot two abandoned tables... Poor wee things!

I had a good think as I stood over them, hmmm were they too far gone?  I went and got my car, threw them in the back and took them home for a wash and scrub up.

Here's orphan table 1 - nice little cabriole legs - but has been well and truly knocked around.

After filling in a few splits in the wood and a bit of sanding I got to work.

A couple of coats of French Linen with some Old White around the edge, some light sanding, finishing with clear wax, ET VOILA!  Cute eh?

When you add wax to chalk paint, the colour soaks up the wax and the colour can darken quite a bit, the combination of the grey and white with the shabby finish looked stunning!

No longer the abandoned street kid.

Quite French and fancy in fact.

Fifi has given her approval too.

 Next - orphan number two...