Saturday, 30 March 2013

Two little orphans - part 2

This is orphan No. 2

Like the first table - Orphan No. 1, I found this when I was out walking with Fifi.  Here's some of the 'before' pictures.  A bit of repair work first!

A lot of damage to the veneer on the top and cracked edges...

So I needed to do quite a bit of sanding and filling before I started with paint.  I decided to use Cream and Old White.  I love the way the paint looks before wax - looks like a snow covered pie top table now.

I then started to sand some of the surfaces to bring out the curves.

I wanted to add some design to this table and printed a VERY primitive heart on the bottom shelf using gold paint.  I repainted over using cream and then sanded the paint away.

A really nice effect I'd like to do more work with.

When the clear wax is added, the cream, white and golden brown of the wood blend into a great finish.

The cream turns a more buttery yellow.

Cute little table now - just needs a new home :-)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Two little orphans - part 1

So there I was taking Fifi for a walk and I spot two abandoned tables... Poor wee things!

I had a good think as I stood over them, hmmm were they too far gone?  I went and got my car, threw them in the back and took them home for a wash and scrub up.

Here's orphan table 1 - nice little cabriole legs - but has been well and truly knocked around.

After filling in a few splits in the wood and a bit of sanding I got to work.

A couple of coats of French Linen with some Old White around the edge, some light sanding, finishing with clear wax, ET VOILA!  Cute eh?

When you add wax to chalk paint, the colour soaks up the wax and the colour can darken quite a bit, the combination of the grey and white with the shabby finish looked stunning!

No longer the abandoned street kid.

Quite French and fancy in fact.

Fifi has given her approval too.

 Next - orphan number two...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Round Art Deco Table

First of all - apologies to a friend of mine, Anthony Joseph Stevens who may never speak to me again for refurbing a beautiful piece of Art Deco - BUT in my defence may I just point out that this was quite badly chipped and stained?

It's clearly had some glory days and now needs to be reborn and re-loved...

Fifi likes this piece too.  

There were some black marks soaked into the varnish, probably from an evening of martini cocktails? 

Someone's also tried to keep this table alive by revarnishing at some point.

It's difficult to take a really good picture that shows of the beauty of this Art Deco occasional table, a real classic!

After doing the prep work and coating the table with Paloma paint (a light lavender colour) I tested the surface to find out how it would work if I did a bit of sanding.  I loved the gold  colour of the wood as it started to show through of the paint

I also wanted to add a bit of extra style using my favourite Victorian bee decal. This has been traced and hand painted using a gold enamel paint.

Once that was finished, I went to work sanding and then fully sealing all the surfaces using clear wax which creates that wonderful soft shine.

I just love the finished look on this piece of furniture - yup - definitely a favourite!


LInky party at costal charm

Saturday, 2 March 2013

One Shabby Plant Stand

I started out wondering what to do with this plant stand - quite basic, couldn't really put on some decal as it should have a nice big plant on top...

Fifi wasn't too sure either.

Anyway - off to work starting with lightening things up, two coats of Old White paint later.  I like the total white-out look.

Then I decided to add some touches of Duck Egg Blue.

And then got at it with the sandpaper!  That's when I really started to see that this could be a really lovely bit of shabby chic!

After adding more clear wax to seal - I am really pleased with it - lovely plant stand!

Bentwood Chair Makeover

I found a bentwood chair that had been painted with a not very nice red coat of varnish...

It just looks... reeeeeaaalllly brown and unattractive.

But I like the peacock design on the seat.

I gave the whole chair a make up job - painted all over in Old White paint, then used acrylic gold on the seat and around the arms, then covered that over with another coat...  After a good bit of distress work and a clear wax, I am really pleased with the finish, fantastic!