Saturday, 16 February 2013

Claw and Ball Foot Table

I picked this table up and yes, of course I checked I wasn't about to refurb a priceless bit of Chippendale furniture... it's old repro.

In fact, it's al lovely piece of mahogany wood with fine leg detail and claw and ball foot. VERY brown, scratched and chipped from a lifetime of use.

I spent some time thinking about this piece... what colour to paint it?  How to bring out the detail?  I eventually decided to use Duck Egg Blue paint and mixed 50/50 with Old White because I wanted to achieve a lighter shade.

I painted on one coat, then filled and sanded the surface of the table. 

Then after the final coat I waxed with clear wax and went to work with a little bit of dark wax to bring out the detail...

The table is polished to a soft sheen, the ball and claw feet are lovely and so unusual...  No shabbying up this piece other than use of dark wax.

Monday, 11 February 2013

The White Painted Dresser...

This lovely dressing table has been painted with Old White chalk paint and is finished off with clear wax.

Here's how she looked before I started the beauty therapy...

What a wreck... 

Scratches, lumps out of the veneer, looked like she's been in a cat fight and just about ready to go in the trash - was what the lady told me when I carted her off home.   A very sad tale indeed!!

But she has some great features, like the mirror.  The patina in the glass is in the right place, around the sides without really interfering in the centre.

I've been working on the handles too - they are really pretty.  One coat of paint and they'll get waxed and buffed up.

So nearly there as far as looks go. But I have quite a lot of finishing.  One of the drawers is really sticky so I have to find the right places to sand it.  The tops of the drawers are finished with a bit of gold 'bling' along the top.

This is the dresser after a couple of coats and before the final 'distressing', sanding and checking all the surfaces to make sure they are finished properly.

After waxing, the dark wood comes through stronger and the chalky white surface is sealed, buffed and has a soft sheen.  The handles are waxed and sealed and polished too.

She's turned into a beauty!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

February - Fifi and some sun (please)

Being in Glasgow and it being February there's been hardly any sunlight!!

Last weekend was the start of February and I was out on a lovely long walk because it was the first sunny day for weeks - it felt like spring had arrived.

But this week, it's been back to grey, gloom, rain, snow...   

The sunny weather made me book my little dog, Fifi into the Poodle Parlour for a cut and blowdry.

She's recovering from 3 months of illness last year... after she was spayed she contracted blood poisoning.  It wasn't detected, so she was misdiagnosed and treated for all kinds of ailments.  It finally got treated and she got bacterial meningitis. Steroids, ugh!! I sooooo hope that's all over now.

  Here she is, she's on the mend now :-)  Perky and full of beans at two and a half years of age!

So I'll have to get find her a funky doggy jumper today - needs to keep warm.

Yup - went for the leopard skin... she makes little piggy snorting noises when she gets excited.  And the snow get her reeeeally exited!

I live in the West End of Glasgow, near the University.  I took this pic yesterday, as I headed out for a walk by the river, noon in Glasgow, very overcast... nice shabby streetlamp.

Aaah, the snowdrops are out now.

At Kelvinbridge - let Glasgow Flourish!

A great idea for February - go to the theatre!  Last night I saw Matthew Bourne's fabulous Sleeping Beauty.  A gothic ballet in a gothic theatre - check the cherubs above the curtain.