Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Toy Boy

This week's project is a Tall Boy that matches the dressing table I finished last week.  I was talking about this to the girls at work and had an unfortunate slip up calling it my Toy Boy... A few hours of smutty jokes about the size of his drawers, how long it was going to take to wax him and his stubby little legs later I am pretty stuck on Toy Boy now...

After two coats of cream chalk paint, a rub down and waxing.

Here's how he looks before I start any work.

He's definitely seen better days.  The veneer is a bit knocked and scratched in places.

But I'll work all this into my shabby look to add to the finished look. Next step is to take all the handles off and get ready for the first coat.

And here he is after one coat of a cream chalk paint.  I'm using a fine sandpaper to shabby up the paintwork.  Like the dressing table I painted gold onto the tops of the drawers for a bit of bling.

Finally, here's the new boy - looks good!